Secure These Vulnerable Areas in the Office

secured office glass doorA business would be nothing without its headquarters, its base of operations. Even a small company or an informal setup will have at least a room or a basement where everything used for operations is stored for easy access. For established companies, the stakes are higher.

You’ll want to protect your brainchild and your employees from burglars and other kinds of dangers. These vulnerable areas should be kept secure:


The loading dock or that place where you store the company fleet can be the most neglected part of the building. It might need commercial garage door repair, but because you think other expenses are a priority, you’re pushing it back another day or week. What if a stranger happens to get inside the garage and steals important documents inside a car? Worse, what if they manage to get access to the Utah office itself because of a door that doesn’t close properly?

Accounting Division

The lifeblood of the company is its finances, which makes the accounting division a vital part of the business. This is where checks and balances are made. If an unsavory individual decided he wanted to pocket a little something for himself, he could mess up the accounting and even do it continuously until someone catches wind of his actions.


Let’s say someone found their way into the office and stole expensive or important items. You might still be able to catch them through CCTV footage and by blocking the exits. But if you’ve got bathrooms that are left unattended, meaning the window is not latched, that’s an exit you’re failing to cover. Bathrooms plus vents make an innovative escape route for slippery burglars.

No one wants to endanger the office, compromise customer information, or risk anyone’s life. Secure every aspect of your business so only authorized individuals can get in.