Secrets That Will Make Your E-Learning User-Friendly

E-LearningE-learning platforms provide a convenient way for learners to gain knowledge without attending classes physically. The use of these in business is increasing because they want to train their staff not just domestically, but overseas as well.

Velpic agrees that this is an effective tool because it offers a way to reduce failures and mistakes at work, and makes it easier to integrate new employees into your company.

There are things you need to do to create a user-friendly and effective e-learning portal:

Be Brief with Information

Attending classes physically enables learners to interact with trainers, enabling them to ask questions and clarify information. However, e-learning needs to be direct and to the point as there is little to no communication with a trainer. Considering the mode of delivery, and keeping the notes and presentation short improves the students’ information retention, as they do not have the opportunity to ask for references and additional explanation.

The information put in e-learning tools must be concise for users to easily remember them and put them into use.

Make it Flexible and Accessible

The information on the e-learning portal must be accessible wherever an employee goes. This makes it easier for them to get back to the materials when they need to review or limit their mistakes. Update the material to keep abreast of industry changes so that your staff can make adjustments for the better of the company.

Include a Feedback Section

When developing an effective online platform, you are likely to depend on the assumptions of students’ needs and benchmarks from other users. These will help you create an e-learning tool that is suitable for your workforce. It is important to provide the users a chance to evaluate your system and highlight the features that are working, those that are not and where they need improvements.

An e-learning portal is ideal for companies who want to simplify their training and provide information for their satellite offices domestically or internationally.