Recover from a Bad Relationship with this Post-Breakup Plan

Post Break Up Plans You can breathe easy once again. You’ve just ended a toxic relationship. You’ve donethe hard part. Now comes the practical phase of bouncing back from the harrowing experience. Here is a guide to get things going.

Fix your living situation.

One of the main issues between unmarried couples who break up is the living situation. If you bought a home together, how do you split up the property? If you were leasing an apartment, who gets to stay?

The decision comes easy in amicable breakups. But in contentious splits, you may have a harder time of determining property split or who keeps the apartment. One option is to sell the home and divide the profit, with the rest going to the mortgage. With a rented apartment, the person whose name appears on the lease should keep the place.

Get help.

Once you sell the property or give up the lease, the next step is to move out. But don’t do it alone. Invite your closest friends to help pack. Organize a packing party, and make it fun. Use this time to purge unpleasant reminders of the relationship.

Aside from enlisting the help of friends, get a reliable local moving company to transport your belongings to your new place. If you have oversized items, such as a piano or a hot tub, use a moving service that specializes in transporting hefty objects.

Stay close to family and friends.

You may want a change of scenery after the split, and feel you have to move to a different city, or state. While it’s understandable to want to get away from places you and your partner have been to, moving permanently to a new city or state will isolate you from your support system. You need family and friends close by to help you through this difficult time.

Think about what you want to change, and then do it.

Focus on yourself, and change something. Maybe it’s your hair, the kind of music you listen to, or the way you decorate your room. The bottom line is a small change can create a big impact and help you move on.

Use technology to de-stress.

You’ll find plenty of mobile apps that relieve stress. Meditation apps can help you get rid of negative thoughts. With breathing techniques and guided imagery, you can reclaim inner peace after a breakup.

A breakup is never easy. But sometimes, it’s necessary when the relationship has become toxic. Following a post-split plan can ease the blow. It will allow you to heal, and recover from the experience.