Reap 2 Incredible Benefits Of An Enabling Workplace Environment

man writing on papersMany employers overlook the connection between productivity and the workplace environment, and it leads them to incur hefty losses. Keeping your workers safe and comfortable increases productivity.

An average adult spends a third of their lifetime at the office. That means your workers will spend about 90,000 hours at work. With recent studies tying productivity to the office environment, you can’t afford to have a drab office. Having the right furniture for the office space can take your productivity to a high level and give your business an edge on the market. As the competition heats up, you would do well to seize any advantage that gives you a leg up.

1. Increased enthusiasm

Naturally, productivity ties closely to the person state of mind and moods. A drab office space only serves to drive down the enthusiasm and motivation to put in work. Your ability to stay ahead of the market hangs on your worker’s ability to fire all cylinders during the 7 to 8 hours they are at work. You can get them to do this in work environment that doesn’t bring out the best in them.

Vibrant colors, good lighting, and stylish office furniture from Online Office Furniture inject bouts of enthusiasm at the workplace prompting people to bring on their A-game. It makes people look forward to coming in every day while giving them a sense of pride. If someone takes pride in their work, they move to great lengths to achieve any set goal and solve any problem standing in their way.

2. Lowered absenteeism

Absenteeism costs the American economy up to $84 billion dollars annually in lost productivity. Workplace injuries including neck and back problems are among the leading causes of absenteeism from work. Ergonometric furniture keeps such incidence at a minimum while ensuring that your workers are comfortable. In addition to the loss of productivity, such injuries are likely to drive up business costs. You need to pay replacement workers in addition to the regular wages paid to the absent employees.

Lost productivity at the workplace can dull your competitive edge in a tough market. Luckily, you can head off this loss be creating an enabling work environment for your employees.