Radiator Components: Problems that Could Affect Efficiency

Close-up of motor radiatorThe role of a radiator in a car is to ensure that the engine operates at optimum temperature. The effect of too much heat in the engine would crack the engine or melt the pistons. One of the main benefits of a radiator is to ensure your car engine lasts longer.

Although the radiator has no moving components, it can malfunction, the most common one is overheating. In the case you notice this happening, it is advisable to take it to a radiator repair expert like Jerry Lambert Automotive in Salt Lake City.

You should know the components of a radiator and the kind of problem that could arise that will eventually lead to overheating.

Radiator Core

This is the block component located in the middle section of the radiator. It consists of thin pipes covered by cooling fins. It is in the radiator core that heat is expelled as air flows through it from the fan as you drive. With time the radiator core may get blocked at the rear by debris consequently inhibiting air flow. This will eventually lead to overheating of the engine.

Radiator Cap

The role of the radiator cap is to seal the radiator. It also plays a significant role in ensuring that there is optimum pressure to allow the engine to work at normal operating temperature. Lastly, when the temperature of the coolant gets to the point that it needs cooling, the radiator cap acts as an escape valve for it into the recovery tank. In case the radiator’s cap seal is worn out, your engine could overheat as it can no longer maintain the necessary pressure.


This is a small fitting at the radiator’s bottom end connected to a valve, and it is used to drain the coolant out of the radiator. In some cases, you may find coolant leaking from the petcock. A low amount of coolant is the leading cause of your engine overheating.

It can be quite frustrating to have your car engine overheat when you are in a deserted area far out of town. It is always best to check your radiator for leaks before proceeding for a long journey. You may also want to conduct a radiator pressure test to ensure the radiator cap is working perfectly.