Personalized Bracelets: The Perfect Gift for a Loved One

Personalised bracelets make attractive gifts, both for men and women of all age groups. This is more so in the case of well-designed nomination bracelets, which are popular because of their coiled shape that make them comfortable and easily wearable. Letter beads may be added to the wire top to write out a personalised message or name. These beads are usually made from metal, plastic or clay.

Personalised accessories not only make great fashion add-ons. They also have enormous sentimental value to those who receive them. This is because they give the distinct impression that the giver spared the time to customise the gift to fit the receiver’s taste. Also, a lot of thought has gone behind it.


To buy the right bracelet, here are some pointers from Jaso Jewellers, one of the UK’s leading online jewellery shops:

  • When buying one for young people, say, your daughter, godchild or even a niece, remember that they tend to like chained items because they appear trendier. Their names can be spelt out by way of a letter pendant charm. Chains also allow you to hang multiple dangling charms to make the bracelet look even prettier.
  • However, if the item is for an infant, it may tell some story through photo-embossed charms of how the parents met. This is particularly special if it’s a first child. For instance, if the parents got to know each other in Washington, the jeweller may be asked to fix a pendant of Capitol Hill or the White House as a symbol. Also, pendants depicting stars, flowers, and butterflies may be added in clusters. Avoid adding precious gems, as they may fall off and get lost. Moreover, as children grow fast, gifting an adjustable charm bracelet is your best choice.
  • For teenagers and adults, you may go for a gold, silver, platinum or white gold bracelet. This would depend on your budget and the preference of the receiver. Spelling out your wife’s or fiancée’s name on the bracelet along with a short message also adds sentimental value.

You may also give engraved and embossed nomination bracelets for teenagers and adults or even to your loved ones. Fixing gemstones to bangle bracelets also adds class and makes them look fancier.