Paint My Pro: Hiring Commercial Painting Services

epoxy paintThere are companies for all kinds of services, providing the best in materials and manpower such jobs as painting, gardening, moving, hospitality, to name a few. People who want their homes or offices or any other structure would naturally want to look into professional painters.

Why Hire Professional Painters?

Professionals have access to all the equipment, workforce and materials – whether it is for retail spaces, hospitals, offices, or homes that are right for the job. They are capable of reliable quality at reasonable prices. Good companies take pride in their work and pay attention to the smallest detail – customers can expect superior materials, workmanship and friendly service.

These professionals use their expertise in painting hospitals, schools, nursing homes, motels and restaurants and use the best materials for the job. They do industrial work as well in the form of concrete surfacing, heat reflective coatings for roofs and skid-proof surfaces in high traffic areas. Most commercial painters, like Perth-based, guarantee their work for at least 5 years.

Commercial Work

Since the scale of the job is different for painting homes, commercial painting services offer full insurance to limit liability to business owners and employees. Services offered are as follows:

  • Texture coats: This paint job will can hide imperfections and save a lot on replacement. Customers can choose the finish they want and get long lasting results on the surface as well as paint.
  • Commercial painters use epoxy paint systems in high traffic areas, and to seal porous surfaces. The surface then becomes impervious to spills, weather-related issues, bacteria, and chemicals.
  • Painting companies also advise colour-coordination for interiors and exteriors.
  • Achieve decorative finishes, such as metallic, timber, suede or a multitude of choices in the place of wallpaper.

Since companies offer quotes and referrals, talk to three or four different companies and perform background checks on their services and past clients. Narrow down your choices and decide on one. Remember that the rates for commercial painting are different from residential painting, but relying on professional painters makes the investment worth it.


  1. If you’re a DIY expert, it’s perfectly fine to paint the house on your own. You can watch tutorials and you may be surprised how easy it is!

  2. I disagree! It is still better to hire professional painting contractors. This can take the stress out in painting your home and gives you quality result.

  3. While it is perfectly fine to tackle painting projects by yourself, this doesn’t give you your preferred results. It is best to hire professional contractors to avoid complicated painting issues.

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