Owning Your Wooden Box: A Crash Course on Cabin Living

Cabin Living in AustraliaYou hastily pull on the chestnut-coloured aluminium door. It swings open and the cabin’s woody indoor aroma — blended with the scents of assorted cleaning products greets your senses. You drop all your bags, pass the kitchen, pass the dining area and pass the bathroom. It takes you five seconds to reach the bed at the end of the cabin, and exactly five more to fall into deep slumber. The decorating can wait until tomorrow.

A Personal Package

Despite being only a few square meters large, cabins serve as a quaint retreat for the weary backpacker. Lease sellers from Resort Brokers Australia say that cabins are popular among travellers as well as citizens looking for a manageable long-term living space. They describe the cabins as small complete packages; equipped with all necessary living comforts, and then some. The residents can spruce up their cabins as they wish, with consideration to safety and community guidelines.

Since they are essentially liveable wooden boxes, owners need to make sure that their cabins are protected from damage. Drainage pipes need regular inspection; walls need checking for cracks and the roof should be clear of any debris to avoid flooding. Temporary fixes for small issues can quickly deteriorate the quality of the cabin, so professional help is important when dealing with damages.

Your Space

Most cabins come with standard furniture and amenities, but this does not mean that owners cannot personalize their living spaces. Cabins as well as caravans benefit from improvements big and small. New sheets or chairs increase the cosiness of these spaces, while expensive additions such as a television set or a fancy kitchen appliance can make a cabin truly personal.

Of course, none of these are as important as keeping a clean and organized interior. There is no excuse for a crummy dwelling of such a small size, and a pristine exterior to match the surrounding nature is an excellent way of keeping the place ripe for re-selling.

After some cleaning, shopping, and decorating, the cabin is now truly functionally yours. Cabins are more than just a temporary shelter. A little personalisation goes a long way, even if the cabin happens to be only a few steps across.