Newbie Driver: The ABCs of Accident and Emergency Preparedness

New DriverIf you are a new driver and have recently just gotten your license, congratulations! However, you also need to be ready for any sort of vehicular mishap or accidents while on the road. Here is a simple ABC list that can prepare you for anything.

Apply For Insurance

Most likely you already have the standard car insurances if you've recently bought your vehicle, but you may want to check what it actually covers. If you aren't satisfied with what the existing insurance offers, do ask the company for options. With second-hand cars, do check if their insurance is still applicable and it's coverage as well. While you're at it, you might as well check your own personal insurance and see if you get extra benefits as a new driver.

Before Leaving, Check Everything

See if there are any leaks or puddles under the car that wasn't there when you parked it. See if the brakes are working. Check your tires including the spare. See if there are any scratches and cracks on the glass or the body. Look if your headlights and signal lights are in good working condition. There are actual checklists online that you can print if you want to be finicky.

Create a List

The list should contain every contact you need in case of emergency and/or accidents. This list should be in your cellular phone or tablet, or printed then placed in your wallet. Apart from towing services, recommends listing the numbers of the police, hospitals, rescue teams, and auto-repair companies, along with the numbers of your closest kin and friends. If possible, put these numbers on speed dial on your phone.

It will take a while for you to be an expert driver. Meanwhile, you can feel secure knowing that whenever you drive, you are prepared for anything. So buckle up, do your ABCs and enjoy your trip.