Mozart was Right On: Music Heals, and Dancing Even More

Healing MusicEver wondered why health buffs always carry music around? Evidently, it could come in the form of an iPod or a smartphone, a nifty companion while doing their exercise routine. Where the master goes, the tool follows, be it the treadmill, a walk or a run through the trail. And by the looks of it, music and health are inseparable twins – and now science itself lends credence to this practice.

Recent developments in science has extolled not only the mood-changing ability of music, but its therapeutic ability as well. Music heals, and dancing to the groove could be the most enjoyable way to wellness.

Healing Music

It must have been one of the stories of the Arabian Nights that foretold of how therapeutic music can be via a tale of magical bird that can heal by its song. Sweating it out to the beat of the drums akin to African natives can certainly be liberating.

Today, it’s not just the vigor of ballroom or that of Zumba that makes music therapeutic. Music by itself heals, and the scientific community agrees.

Powerful Tones

Scientific American points out that treatments using rhythm, beat and melody administered in the form of melodic intonation therapy has been successful in giving back the power of speech to Laurel, a lady who lost her ability to vocalize while young. With the healing power of music, Laurel was able to tap on undamaged regions of her brain and slowly she found her way back to language.

On a more serious note, scientists are experimenting in using the power of music to put sanity back into schizophrenic patients. Futurologists even claim that we would have a future where the songs of Mozart and Beethoven would be standard issue in hospitals.

Peaking Interest

Interestingly, this recent development should add momentum to the booming business of dance. In fact, The Studio Director has already noticed that enrolments are rising so fast that many ballroom dance facilities now utilize ballroom dance studio software to manage their businesses properly. Before this surge, enrollments are at an all-time low, but spurred by word-of-mouth (and viral topics on social media), dance and music lessons are peaking, necessitating some kind of automated tool to keep track of applications and schedules.

While it is a long way for music to be orthodox treatment, the power of music (and dance) is undeniable. After all, even generals use music to go to war – so why not use music to marshal your own body’s defenses?

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