Know Your Consumers to Increase Profitability

Business ProfitDid you work to increase your market for years, but you only seem to break even? Studying consumers improves marketing strategies as you have more understanding of customers’ issues and needs. Here are nuggets about consumer behaviour.

Personal perspective

People associate with a product more if the communication is at a personal level; they need to know the person orchestrating the brand cares about them. Marketing and communication programs for social media or newsletter should be authentic and address individuals from a personal perspective.

Brand confidence

Consumers resonate with a product more if their friends have had a good experience with it. Please initial customers as they have a significant influence on subsequent clients. People that you have worked with can give referrals about your product. Create leverage by including friends, colleagues and social network on your set of connections.

 Feasible Ideas

The goal of any marketing strategy is to move sales. However, some behaviour such as addictions might not change instantly because a new product or incentive is available. A realistic way to start is through social marketing where you get ideas to people and eventually lead them to your product. Add shareable links to your social media that will drive traffic to your website.

Product visibility

Make your products visible as this is critical to driving sales. How your products are packaged and displayed is important because it needs to get the attention of the consumers, says an expert from Signet. Use permanent adhesive labels to create a visual visibility for your products.


Gifts are welcome to most shoppers. Give away gifts that are conversation starters and which will drive people to your website or product. Ensure to target the right crowd because the goal is to drive sales.

Research will help a marketer know how to best position his product to encourage more consumption and also reduce business risks associated with new commodities and services. Leverage on your consumers by providing products that add value.