Japanese Dishes that Captured the Hearts of Aussies

Japanese Food in BrisbaneJapanese cuisine has long been a gem in the world’s culinary scene. People from all over the world learned to love various unique Japanese food, and the Aussies are no exception. In Brisbane, for instance, you’ll see a number of restaurants serving a wide array of Japanese dishes.

What makes these foods interesting is the Japanese commitment to preserving their unique culture and tradition in preparing, cooking and serving food. They also use various exotic ingredients and infuse various Asian flavours to create a gastronomic and almost art-like masterpiece.

Here are three of the most famous Japanese dishes that Australia and the rest of the world learned to love.


If there’s one dish that best represents the rich culinary tradition of Japan, it would be sushi. It’s made of raw fish served on vinegar-seasoned rice. The slice of raw fish is sometimes served on top of small portions of rice. The more famous version, however, is the one where the fish and rice are rolled and wrapped with seaweed and cut into bite-size circles. Not everybody knows that this famous dish actually had humble beginnings in its country of origin as street food.


Originally known in Japan as a late night meal, ramen has grown to be a ubiquitous noodle soup in many countries. It uses egg noodles cooked in a salty broth. Ramen comes in various soup styles including miso, soy, salt and tonkotsu (pork bone). Sankai.com.au says many restaurants serving Japanese dishes in Southbank, Brisbane offer a variety of ramen that are equally delicious and satiating. One interesting thing is it actually originated from China. With their creativity and unique taste for food, the Japanese people improved it and made it their own.


Tempura is one of Japan’s most famous dishes that the world also came to know. It could be any seafood or vegetable covered with a special batter and then deep-fried in sesame oil to perfection. The result is a light, fluffy, yet crunchy food that will make you want to dive your chopsticks onto the serving plate nonstop. It s often dipped in soy sauce-flavoured broth. The ebi-ten or prawn tempura is one of the top favourites.

There’s a lot more to explore about Japanese cuisine. All you need to do is visit a Japanese restaurant near you and see what they have on offer.