Is Your SEO Updated? Signs That Your Strategy Doesn’t Work Anymore

SEO StrategySEO is one of those ever-changing components and grey areas in today’s online marketing industry. It takes time and effort to rank in Google; an endeavour that digital marketers know very well. On the other end, it wouldn’t be a smart move to trick Google’s algorithms.

It’s hard to find the balance. How do you know if you are doing well in the search landscape? Below are three signs that you’re falling behind the digital game and using SEO strategies that don’t work anymore:

Traffic Drop

Site traffic naturally goes up and down at times, but a sudden drop can mean something worse. This may indicate that Google has penalized your site. To know the actual reason for the sudden drop, create a landing page report—this contains your overall traffic volume and search impressions. If there’s no change in search visibility, the traffic drop might not be related to SEO. You may need to look back at your recent SEO changes to know why the low traffic.

Low Ranking for Long-tail Keywords

If unique keywords and long-tail search terms don’t work, you may be experiencing some technical problems in your site. SEO companies in Sydney conduct a site audit as soon as this happens. You need expert help for this because the process involves complicated methodologies. If the cause is still unclear after auditing, you may be dealing with a penalty from Google.

Low Engagement

Not being mobile-friendly, slow load times and a hard-to-navigate web design are common causes of low engagement. Users have a short attention span; they can simply decide to close your website and look for another one. These factors can negatively affect your performance in search engines. Improve your engagement metrics by focusing on a strong audience experience.

There’s no quick solution when it comes to SEO. You have to work for it to see results that matter to your business. As long as you have a strong strategy, you can better reinforce your search efforts.

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