Is Natural Burial the Only Option? 4 Alternatives That Are Gaining Traction Fast

Burial Funerals are never easy. Apart from saying a permanent goodbye, you’ll also have to witness your loved ones getting bured underground. As a result of this practice, it just becomes harder to accept that you won’t see them anymore.

But, some cemeteries and memorial gardens now offer options unlike any other. There are multipurpose grounds in which families can be with their loved ones in a lovely setting. And these alternatives don’t stop there.

Around the world, more and more people are now looking for unique ways to honour and preserve their loved ones. Below are some of them.

Eco-Friendly Cremation

Cremation requires an extreme amount of heat; thereby, generating harmful levels of carbon dioxide. That’s why some people choose to have resomation to cause less harm to the environment. Unlike cremation, the resomation process only breaks down the body and not the bones. The best thing about this is that it retains the DNA from the bones.

Aquatic Orbs

To restore the homes of fish, there’s an option that combines the cremains of the deceased and special concrete into orbs, which attracts fish life. Marine biologists then place these orbs on certain areas to heal the ocean reefs.

Suspended Animation

This alternative simply freezes the cells of a person. The goal of suspended animation is to preserve the body long enough so the future technology can revive it. Some also call this as Cryonics, which first started in the 60’s. Apparently, there’s a whole body option and a head-only freezing.

Outer Space Send-off

For those with enough money and fantasy for intergalactic travel, there is the space burial. Instead of burying the body underground, the cremated remains can go off into space by hitchhiking on a rocket.

These days, a myriad of options are coming out in all areas of application. For whichever purpose, it’s now possible to preserve and celebrate the life of your loved ones even more.