In Perfect Alignment: Why You Need Aligned Wheels

Wheel AlignmentAre your car wheels aligned correctly? Misaligned wheels can result from severe or even slight collisions. You can hit potholes or other obstruction on the road and throw your wheels out of alignment. Even curb shots can cause misaligned wheels.

You can have your wheels aligned every six months as part of regular servicing. How can you detect misalignment, however, when your wheels need alignment badly? You can watch out for tyre wear that is uneven. One edge of a wheel may be more worn than the other edge, indicating misalignment.

Signs of Misalignment

You can also detect misalignment if your car veers to one side even if you are trying to drive straight, Tyretracks explains. You can watch out for other indications, such as increased fuel consumption, unusual resistance in the steering wheel when driving, and an off-centre steering wheel when driving straight.

Negative Consequences

Now, wheel misalignment may seem to be a trivial matter, but it can affect your car greatly. Your tyres can wear out more. You may have difficulty braking. Your car may trail curves in the bitumen instead of tracking straight. You can have your wheels aligned to keep you from possible accidents and to preserve the lifespan of your tyres.

Alignment Terms

As you bring your car in for a wheel alignment, you can watch out for terms the mechanic may say. “Toe” indicates wheel position in relation to the centre of the car from a top-down view. “Camber” shows how perpendicular a wheel is. Finally, “castor” analyses the left and right wheel positions are in relation to each other.

The Process

During a wheel alignment, inspections will be made to the front end, steering linkage, and tyre pressure. Afterwards, the actual alignment of the front and back wheels will commence. You may have the option to align only the front wheels, but you can choose to align all four wheels to ensure perfect alignment.

You can have your wheels aligned in a tyre and wheel shop also offering wheel alignment. You can purchase 4WD tyres or mag wheels while you wait.