How to Choose the Right Tires for Your Driving Needs

Tires in a garageFinding the right tires for your car depends both on the way you drive and where you drive. Do you drive fast and take those corners hard, or do you drive with mileage in mind? Are the roads you use free from snow all year, or is it covered in white almost half the time? opines that the way you drive, and the conditions where you drive are important factors in choosing your tires.

All Weather Tires

These types of tires are best for when you drive in snowy conditions that don’t merit the need for winter tires. If you live or travel up north, all-weather tires are suitable, but you may have to switch to winter tires when winter peaks.

Most touring tires and certain passenger tires are all-weather, so light snow is no problem. If you want tires you can use all year round, all weather tires are the best option.

Summer Tires

If you live in places that have little to no snow, summer tires are a great option. These tires grip the road better, and although they don’t perform well on snow, they maintain traction on wet roads rather well. Mileage is one of the factors in choosing summer tires, as they last longer than their counterparts.

High-Performance Tires

If mileage is not one of your concerns, and you value speed and performance, high-performance tires are a match for your car. They are more expensive and have a shorter lifespan, but you get higher speeds and greater handling in return.

Specialized Tires

Made solely for racing (but handle badly in wet roads), competition tires are for very specific purposes. All terrain and off-road tires are made for going off-road and traversing various obstacles. Winter Tires are for driving on snow and ice.

You can choose tires for speed, handling, mileage — or just for the fact that you can use them all year round. The right tires, for the right driver, for the right roads.