Home Construction Dilemma: How Many Floors Do you Need?

Real estate is huge investment. When it comes to home construction, homeowners have to make important decisions before completing the project. After finally getting that ideal block of land, the next question focuses on the build itself: Should it be a single storey or a two-storey house? To help you choose, here’s a brief discussion from Novus Homes, one of Perth’s most awarded premium new home builders:

double storey home builders

More Interior Space

As the number of floors increase, people think that the construction costs will also increase proportionately. While this may be true, expect a number of benefits to come with the price. Owning a double-storey residence means you’ll have more interior space available. You can turn this extra space into a small office, a guest room or a study depending on the life style of the occupants. An additional space gives more room to innovate, store and decorate.


It is easier to make a two-storey home look good on both the outside and the inside. It can be designed similar to a cube with a smaller roof. This makes it simpler to maintain. Bedrooms upstairs are always an advantage to families with young children and teens. They can have their privacy and remain upstairs if there is a private event downstairs. Even sick and older people can have their own rooms. This will enable them to rest as and when they want to, without disturbing other family members.

Additional Features

While making plans with your chosen two-storey homebuilders, factor in extra decks, balconies, and other possible additions to your space. This will not only make your residence look attractive, but also allow more space for indoor plants and climbers. Dual-storied buildings are also good for the environment. Their cubical structure means less surface area, which only needs minimal energy for proper insulation.

Trust the Experts

Home construction companies should be able to provide dual-storied house plans with the latest architectural features. They should create efficient designs for a cost-effective project and more savings. Moreover, with their help, you can increase the potential resale value of your home. If their design allows for customisation, it can attract future buyers.