Here’s Why You Don’t Get Any Benefit from Purchasing Pirated Software

Pirated SoftwareSoftware applications abound. There are genuine ones and pirated ones. You may be tempted to secure pirated software to save on costs. This is a bad idea.

Pirated software often glitters like gold, considering its lower cost when compared to genuine software. However, there are certain ramifications when you get illegally obtained software. You don’t want to experience any of the dire consequences.

A Federal Offense

If you have been an obedient citizen, paying your taxes and following the rules, you might be surprised to find yourself facing criminal charges if you choose to purchase and use counterfeit software. Software piracy falls under the category of a federal crime. Acts considered as software piracy include unauthorized use of copyrighted software.

Malware Alert

If you want to expose your computer to malware, which could do some real damage, go for pirated software. MIT said that malware programs can steal your passwords, annoy you with pop-up advertising, steal data, infect machines on the network, and even transmit your information to advertisers. To avoid this, IT Factory says it’s better obtain genuine software applications, such as a copyrighted Microsoft Office download from a trusted site.

No Software Updates

Software updates are important features of any application. Updates from manufacturers provide enhanced security to the software and add new features to it. If you purchase pirated copies, you will not be eligible for these updates, which will render your whole system vulnerable. To avoid compromising your system’s security, buying genuine software is the best way to go.

Now you see why it’s not a wise decision to choose pirated software. Yes, it may cost less, or at times it’s free, but the consequences won’t be worth it. You wouldn’t want to commit a federal offense, deal with malware, or expose your computer system to a security breach.