Granny Flats: Smaller Doesn’t Mean Easier

granny flatsThe design industry has more than its fair share of critics, mainly because of the subjective nature of their work. Many people feel that anyone can become a designer. Whilst design, especially interior design, isn’t immune to amateurs infiltrating its ranks, critics forget that there’s one test that can expose the pretenders from the real deal: the granny flat.

Granny flats pose a unique challenge to many interior designers; the staff at Classic Granny Flats can attest to the fact that not everyone is cut out for designing one. Due to the limited amount of space they’re given to work with, the floor plan needs to be efficient, comfortable, and beautiful. Considering how easy it is to fill spaces twice the average granny flat’s size with clutter, the challenge is no small matter.

Ground Level Lofts

The first trick to efficient granny flat design is to discard as many walls as possible, and go for a loft-like look. Every square foot counts in a granny flat, and designers can’t afford to waste what little room they have on dividers and walls. This allows for greater flexibility in deciding what goes where in the latter stages of the construction or design process.

Wall Buddies

Keep bathrooms and bedrooms next to each other as much possible; doing this will minimise the need for walls and keep the two most essential rooms together. Shortening the midnight trek from the bed to the toilet is a luxury most older people can appreciate.

Many designers like to place these two rooms as far away from the entrance as possible. This is so that the necessary walls don’t hinder the line of sight visitors have of the room, making it look bigger than it actually is. Some granny flats take a different approach to the bed and bathroom placement. But, it takes plenty of skill and creativity to do this without making the entire space look cramped.


  1. Limiting the playground definitely challenges the creativity of most people. Not everyone can handle making the most out of what they have.

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