Funeral Package Options Your Loved Ones

Mourning Woman on FuneralThere are several decisions for you to make following the death of a loved one. Chief among them is the funeral ceremony; there are now many options for funeral services, and you are sure to get one that suits your needs.

Using a funeral director rather than going it alone is the ideal choice. This ensures you pick the best option from the various funeral packages available in the UK.

Here are the packages the funeral director will help you assess.

Traditional Funeral

The traditional Church of England funeral consists of eulogy, hymns, appropriately dressed mourners and a committal in church before interment at a churchyard or crematorium. Little has changed with this reassuring ritual, and people replicate the same across most Christian services in the UK.

You can now, however, opt to have the service anywhere else aside from the church.

Direct Cremation

In this option, the deceased’s remains are collected within regular working hours from the mortuary and cremated. There is typically no ceremony or viewing beforehand. You can hold a ceremony afterwards at your convenience.

If you desire to have the ashes, ensure you request for them. Some funeral homes may deliver them at a convenient location at a charge.

Woodland and Green Funerals

With the rise in eco-friendly funerals, natural burial sites are fast becoming popular in the UK. In woodland and green funerals, the body is interred in a biodegradable coffin or burial shroud. The grave is not more than two feet deep to decrease methane emissions.

You can add a religious aspect to your ceremony if you so wish or make it humanist with no religious aspect.

With a funeral director, your loved one’s interment will be hassle-free regardless of the package you select. The funeral will also be cheaper compared to other options. Using the services of a funeral director allows you and your family to concentrate on other matters and mourn in peace.