Four Tips to Maintain Your Household Heating and Cooling System

Technician adjusting the room temperatureYour household would not be as comfortable during extreme weather conditions without efficient heating and cooling systems. You need to take good care of your HVAC system to ensure that it would serve you for long. Proper maintenance can help prevent sudden breakdowns and preventable damage to the systems. Here are some ways to help you maintain your HVAC unit:

Schedule regular inspections

Have an air conditioning unit inspection before the start of a long hot or cold season. It may prevent sudden breakdown during extreme weather conditions. In Harrisburg, PA, you can find professional heating and air conditioning contractors offering maintenance services.

Change filters regularly

Filters trap dust and debris from getting into your unit. With time, the dust build-up in the air conditioning system lowers the amount of air that gets into the system. This makes the HVAC work harder to maintain the set temperature. It is good to change the filters every one to three months so that the system works smoothly.

Clean the area around outdoor units

If your air conditioner has an outdoor unit, make sure that there are no trees nearby or plants crawling over it. Also, make sure that there is minimal loose soil or dirt around. Trim the branches of trees to prevent pollen from getting into the unit.

Check the drain pipe and pan regularly

The drain pipe may get filled with debris or mold since it is always wet. The blockage may cause damage to your air conditioning unit. Use a wet-dry vacuum for suctioning the debris in the pipe, or a bleach to kill the algae.

To ensure that your unit serves you optimally and preventable causes of breakdowns are kept at bay, proper HVAC maintenance is very important. Keep the area around your indoor and outdoor units clean and have them inspected on a regular basis.