Four Strategies to Help Realtors Stay Relevant

RealtorReal estate agents are no longer as indispensable as they were several years ago. With the advent of free online listing services, many home sellers and buyers choose to do it all by themselves to save on transaction fees. This has made it more difficult for agents to find work, though some still maintain impressively high sales every year.

In a housing market driven by the Internet, how can real estate agents and companies stay relevant? The key is to find new ways of providing value to clients. Professional expertise is still sought after, and a good realtor will find that there are plenty of opportunities in this industry.

Below are the most important things you can do. CBT Real Estate says online real estate CE courses cover these ideas in greater detail, but even knowing the basics can help.

  1. Change Your Marketing Style

Real estate marketing is no longer just taking a few pictures of the house, making a listing, and waiting for interested buyers. It’s a much deeper, involved, and organic process. Don’t wait until the home visit; start selling a lifestyle through superb personalized copy, professional photography, and video tours of the house.

  1. Do Your Research

More than anything else, your keen understanding of the fair market prices and neighborhood trends makes your services valuable to clients. Both buyers and sellers are too busy to do much research, so they trust you to give them valuable insights. Position yourself as a respected expert on certain markets so you will always have work.

  1. Help Clients Locate Experts

Remember, part of any good realtor’s job is to introduce home buyers and sellers to the various experts they’ll need to work with. Being able to give them the names of good inspectors, mortgage companies, real estate lawyers, engineers, and other parties will make a difference in how valuable they perceive you to be.

  1. Be a Strong Negotiator

What’s the best way to convince a client that your fees are worth it? By helping them save or make more money on the sale. A skilled agent should come prepared to every negotiation, and get the best deal possible for the people they represent.

Chron explains that good negotiating skills include having emotional control and the right ethics. You need these to show your professionalism and expertise.

To stay competitive in an increasingly tech-based industry, it’s crucial for realtors to continue learning. What worked before is usually not enough to be successful today, so keep looking for ways to set yourself apart from the many other agents out there.