Ensure Your Safety When You Climb High Places

Safety Demand for communication tower construction is on the rise and so are accidental falls resulting from such endeavor. To prevent these accidents from happening, you need to equip yourself with the right tools and knowledge.

Are you an owner of a tower construction company? Does your job require you to climb up high towers? If you are, then you better ensure you’re properly protected because there are many risks involved in your line of job.

Spurred By Technology

During the past decade, demand for wireless and broadcast communication nearly tripled, spurred by emerging technologies that need such facilities. As a result, the industry witnessed a dramatic increase in tower construction and maintenance. In fact, in an article published by The Mercury News, even the skyscraper construction industry is experiencing vibrant growth because of the tech boom. This also spurred the demand for personnel who are able to handle the tasks required by the job.

A Clear Writing on the Wall

Communication tower construction and maintenance is a high-paying job which is why there’s no shortage of applicants. Unfortunately, many of them have no prior involvement in tower construction and thus, have to learn on the job. While this might be acceptable in some cases, the fatal result of hiring inexperienced is a foregone conclusion. In 2016 alone, statistics reveal that six people have already died due to communication tower falls.

What Causes This?

Although many factors, such as weather condition, may have contributed to such disastrous circumstances, one issue that stands out is lack of training. In the state of Georgia, construction companies always make it a point that their workers undergo sufficient training before exposing them to the actual communication tower construction projects. Many of them undergo training seminars like rigging and pull testing to prepare them for the rigorous tasks ahead, says Consolidated Rigging & Lifting Products, Inc. This is perhaps the reason you won’t see the state of Georgia listed as having suffered a fatality in communication tower construction projects.

Communication tower construction and maintenance is truly a profitable endeavor, both for the owner and workers. However, it’s also true that when the job pays really well, there must be a catch. There are lots of risks involved in this industry and the only way to prevent fatal accidents resulting from such risks is to have adequate preparation. When you’re fully trained, you’re better prepared.