Driving in the Fog with Minimal Risk

Driving in the FogFog is a driving hazard that you rarely think about. That is, until you are right in the middle of it.

Driving in the fog isn’t just bothersome, but also dangerous. It’s like driving while you’re blindfolded. Naturally, it increases your chances of figuring in a vehicular accident. To help you drive safely even when your car is enveloped by fog remember the following tips:

Slow down

As you’re having trouble seeing where you’re going, it only makes sense to drive slow. The thick fog could affect your judgment, though. To help you control your speed, glance at the speedometer now and then.

Activate low beam headlights

With limited visibility, your first thought would be to use the high beam headlights. When you are driving in the fog, however, this will only restrict road visibility even more. Your high beams will reflect off of the fog and impair your vision even more.

Keep an eye on the right-side pavement

Driving near the center line will only move you closer to approaching traffic. Instead, use the right-side pavement as your guide. This will help you avoid running into oncoming vehicles or being distracted by their headlights.

Use an anti fog mirror

As a safety measure, install an anti fog mirror on your car. The anti fog technology improves your side mirror’s visual clarity. This increases your protection as it keeps your side mirrors from collecting excessive moisture, even in the midst of heavy fog.

Ultimately, do not stop your car. Even if your natural reaction tells you to, do not stop in the middle of the road. As much as possible, look for a safe spot to pull over, such as a gas station. This should be far from traffic. Remember to turn off your headlights to avoid giving other drivers the impression that you are in the travel lane, and to avoid a collision.

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