Don’t be Afraid to be Alone: The Essential Guide for Solo Travel

travelling to places
Travelling is one of the best forms of therapy, but that’s not all it’s good for. In fact, it’s only one of those things in life that don’t need an explanation on why it’s great. The experience alone is reason enough.

Travelling isn’t only therapeutic, but also educational, fun and often memorable. Make your travels memorable for the right reasons. Here are some suggestions:

Don’t be afraid to go alone

Many people can’t go on an adventure alone. If your worry is getting lost or feeling lonely, think of it in another way — it’s sometimes fun to get lost and try to find your way back. If you think it’s lonely to travel alone, you’re probably not doing it right or you’ve never tried it before. Go and try it for yourself. You’ll see how easy it is to make friends and how relaxing it can be to be alone in a foreign land.

There are advantages to travelling alone. For instance, you can set your own pace and follow your own schedule or none at all. Make your own itinerary without worrying that someone else will force you to go to a place you don’t want to.

Don’t bring your entire wardrobe

Learn to pack light. Light means a luggage for some, but that’s too much already. Bring a bag that’s light and small enough to take anywhere, even in buses, planes and trains, without requiring compartments. All you need is a change of clothes or two.

Even if you’re staying for a week, simply wash your tops and keep using your jeans. If you need laundry service, choose a hotel with one. Don’t bring soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste and buy them instead or get them free at the hotel. Bring the shoes you want to wear the entire duration of your travel, so you don’t have to bring an extra pair.

Have contingency funds

It’s a bad idea to have an exact budget. There are places that are more costly than you think and your credit cards may not be accepted everywhere. Apart from credit cards, make sure you have extra cash that you can access from any ATM around the world. In case it doesn’t work, No.1 Currency recommends receiving money from family members through Western Union money transfer. It’s not a happy experience to run out of money while you’re abroad.

Find out what you can do for cash

If you do run out of funds due to unexpected occurrences, like a cancelled flight, what can you do to make a little money? Read some travel blogs for suggestions. A local business in a non-native English-speaking country might need some editing work on their menus and ads. This is often possible for businesses near the beach and busy roads, where tourists are always there. Perhaps you can offer graphic design work using your MacBook. Be ready to talk to people; it might give you an idea how to fund your next trip.

There are so many things to make your solo travels easier and more fun; they can also be more meaningful and educational. Follow these tips and start planning where to go next.