Dental Implant Patient Journey

3D close-up of dental implantGetting dental implants can be truly life-changing. Many people know about dental implants and what they can offer, but they perhaps don’t know about the full process of tooth replacement.

Practices like Smile Design Dental offer a complete service for dental implants in Buckinghamshire. Prospective patients may have many questions about the procedure, costs and general queries like recovery times and aftercare. All of these questions can be answered in an initial consultation.

Step 1: Consultation

If a patient is interested in dental implants in Buckinghamshire, they can go for a complimentary consultation. All tooth replacement options can be explored so that the patient knows exactly which type of treatment is for them.

Many patients may be nervous about undergoing the minor surgery involved in the placement of dental implants in Buckinghamshire. A consultation can provide a chance to have a chat about sedation options and address any other fears the patient may have.

Step 2: Assessment

If a patient thinks that dental implants would suit them, they need to be assessed to determine their suitability for the treatment. During a normal assessment, the patient should expect to answer questions about their habits, lifestyle and dental history. This is to get a better idea of how implants will fit with their lifestyle.

X-rays and photographs will also be taken to accurately plan how the dental implant will be fitted and function. A full oral examination will take place to assess the overall condition of the patient’s oral health.

Step 3: Surgery

When a full treatment plan has been created, the patient can undergo the surgery. The surgery requires creating a small hole in the jawbone to allow the dental implant to be fitted securely. Over time the jawbone will naturally heal around the implant creating a stable foundation that could last a lifetime.

Step 4: Benefits

Dental implants could provide a lifetime of chewing and smiling. They just need to be looked after as well as people should look after their natural teeth.

Implants can be used to replace any number of missing teeth and even secure dentures, so they are a truly versatile treatment.