Custom Steel Fabrication Explained

Man working on steelSteel is a durable and versatile alloy that is used to produce a variety of products.  Steel fabrication is a popular, basic method used in machine and building construction. Custom steel fabrication, however, is a skill that requires many years of rigorous training.  Trial and error methods are, in fact, used to master the art of steel fabrication.

Steel Fabrication Is Preferred

Steel fabrication involves accurate measurements, producing exact shape or size of steel component requested by the customer. In a way, using fabricated steel helps customers maximize the steel they’ve purchased and in turn, save costs. Because of these benefits, steel fabrication is preferred by many contractors. So, it’s no surprise that Wasatch Steel and other reputable steel suppliers in the country produce fabricated steel products all year long.

Uses of Fabricated Steel

There are many uses of fabricated steel in the commercial sector. They can be utilized in structural designs, steel pipe fabrication, metal artworks, gates and fencing, mechanical parts, ornamental decors, furniture, and more. Recently, customized auto steel parts have also become popular. Most car owners find OEM auto parts too expensive, thus, they purchase customized aftermarket parts for their cars, instead, as the latter is equally functional yet it’s more affordable.

Construction Industry

As mentioned, the most popular use of custom steel fabrication is in building and construction industry.  Fabricated good-quality beams made from steel, for instance, are known for their durability and quality. But, certain considerations are needed before customizing steel beams for construction. These include dead loads, live loads, snow loads, and roof live loads.

Steel fabrication requires a lot of effort and time, but it is all about precision work, and hence, a lucrative industry. If you have the imagination, then the sky is the limit as far as the uses of customized fabricated steel go.