Buy the Perfect SUV with the 3 Secrets

September 5, 2016

Many people rush through the process of buying a car only to overlook critical factors that lower their driving experience and lead to hefty running costs. The article highlights some of the important factors to […]


Used Car Parts ‘Scare’ Is Not True

August 26, 2016

The global $14 billion automotive parts and aftermarket vehicles have recently urged governments from around the world to welcome imports of used cars — given that they meet all the required safety standards. According to […]


Safe Driving During Heavy Rains & Strong Winds

June 28, 2016

Your parents—and perhaps your driving instructors—would probably recommend that you drive during a sunny day, at an empty car park. Although this is ideal for learning how to get comfortable with the car, how to […]


The Three Ls to Make the Most Out of Your Ride

June 20, 2016

The electrical system of automobiles is composed of many vital parts, from ports used to charge phones to window and mirror controls, as well as those that start the engine; these electricity consumers play many […]