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8 Car Parts to Look for When Giving Your Old Car a Revamp

Old CarBy nature, men — and some women — consider their cars as part of themselves. That’s why it’s rare to see them scrapping their old car, no matter how much of an eyesore it’s in their garage. When they win the lottery (or get any source of funds), chances are they will spend a portion of their money giving their old car a new life.

A good example is giving it an upgrade by restoring or replacing its parts. This applies, especially if they own a Ford Mustang, which is one of the most coveted car models of all time.

If you own an old car and wish to buy aftermarket parts for a revamp, here’s a list of what you must look for to get your ride back in shape:

  • Brakes – Brakes boost the stopping power of your rotors or pads, making sure that your braking system performs at their best.
  • Drivetrain – This connection between your transmission and drive axles ensures that your car transfers power from your engine to your wheels effectively.
  • Engine Parts – The engine is responsible for creating the magic that moves your car by beefing up your electrical system.
  • Wheels – Many auto shops offer wheels that are compatible with different brands and models. Anderson Ford Motorsport noted that these includes the 1993 Mustang model, which has remarkable parts.
  • Exhaust – The exhaust lets your car breathe easy by conveying the gas from the engine.
  • Exterior and Interior Styling – These improve the overall image of your car. Both interiors and exteriors are where you can add gadgets and decide the design according to your preferences.
  • Lights – An effective lighting system for your car can help you keep safe, especially at night.
  • Suspension – This part links the car with the wheels, allowing relative motion between them.

The special relationship that men (and women) share with their cars can never be denied. Look for a reliable supplier today and get started on your car revamping project.

Car Maintenance: Getting Your Car Back into Shape

Auto Shop in South AucklandThe best way to avoid vehicular accidents is to drive safely, not recklessly. Unfortunately, as much as you try to stay safe on the road, accidents still happen. Hopefully, you are safe when you suffer from such mishaps. Your vehicle will be another story, however.

Accident Damage? No Problem

The paint may be peeled off or grazed, and your bumper — or any other part of the car — may have a dent. Now, there’s the temptation to fix the scratches and dents yourself, but without proper knowledge and training, you may end up damaging your car even more. When it comes to repairing your vehicle from damage sustained from accidents, dent repair auto shops in South Auckland recommend hiring a professional to do the job for you.

Experienced Beaters

When you choose a repair service, you get expert technicians who have seen countless damaged cars such as yours. They know what to do, they know how to do it right and they know how to do it quickly. You can be sure that your car will be back in shape once the repair technicians are done.


Compared to doing it yourself, you can save money since your insurance company can pay for the repair. This means that no matter how large or small the damage is, you may be able to pay only a little to nothing for the repair.

Compare Quotes

When you are out to find a repair service, a good tip is to shop around and to compare quotes and prices. A Herald on Sunday investigation in 2010 was able to disclose that there were large differences in quotes of repair services. Things may have changed today, but the lack of knowledge can still be a weakness for the consumer.

Talk to Each Other

Another good principle to keep in mind is to communicate with your technician. You may not be well versed in vehicles, but a great technician will be able to explain easily to you what the problem is and what will be done about it.

Even when accidents happen, not all hope is lost for your vehicle.

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang in New YorkIf you love luxury cars, chances are you’ve set eyes on a Ford Mustang. Whether you’re a fan of the brand or not, here are five cool trivia about the Ford Mustang.

  • The first Mustang was designed by guys who looked like Mad Men’s Don Draper.

A sexy car designed by sexy guys, at least that’s how most picture it in their heads when you hear the name Don Draper from the TV series Mad Men. They didn’t just dress like Draper, they looked, chain-smoked and acted like him, too.

  • The Mustang I ran nearly as fast as a Formula 1 car.

When they built the first Mustang, the goal was to outrun the Corvair by Chevrolet. But they did better. When they tested the prototype on the Grand Prix circuit in New York, the car proved to be just a few seconds away from the figures of F1 cars at that time.

  • Mustang was almost named “Cougar.”

True story, Seelye Ford notes. “Torino” and “Panther” were also two other names Ford considered for the Mustang. Good thing the company rolled out a huge market research before they made the final decision. Can you just imagine how it could have been different? Ford could have had a public relations nightmare up to today with phrases like “So, have you bought yourself a Cougar?”

  • They were marketed as the perfect secretary car.

At least in some of the early advertisements for the Mustang. Or if your secretary can afford it. In the 1960s, every company secretary looked like a less sexy version of Christina Hendricks’ Joan Harris. They wore short skirts and tailored dresses. They smiled a lot and can cause you to hyperventilate. They also drove in style. It made sense to position the car towards these amazing ladies. Good thing the “Cougar” name wasn’t chosen.

  • The “Father Of the Mustang” Lee Iacocca is still enjoying his life’s work.

His real name is Lido Anthony Iacocca. He’s 91 years old and he’ doing well. He retired in 1992.

Today, Ford Mustang remains one of the American’s favorite luxury cars. If you’re in Michigan and thinking of getting a wheels upgrade, check out Ford Kalamazoo MI but don’t mention the “Cougar” bit.

These Are the Remarkable Things You Get When You Buy Trailer Parts Online

Buying Trailer Parts OnlineWhen you work with large-scale businesses or are doing deliveries to them, it is just right that you make use of a trailer. And more so, you’ve got to make sure that your trailer is made up of the right parts, and you know what? Buying those parts online would do you a lot of good as you can enjoy the following benefits.

Reliable Lights

When you buy trailer parts and accessories online from A1 Trailer Parts, you get to make sure that those trips you have to take at night will no longer be filled with worry as you will be able to see the road ahead clearly. You can choose halogen lights, bright headlights, or anything that you know can help you traverse the roads without having a hard time — and being able to stay accident-free, too.

The Best Tires

Of course, using your trailer won’t be easy without the right tires, and this is why you have to make sure that you buy online so you get the best deals without the quality of the tires being sacrificed. Having great tires will also make maintenance easier, as you won’t have to buy something new over and over again. This way, even if you have to drive on roads that are a little too steep or ravenous, you will be able to negotiate them with confidence.

Clear Mirrors

Using a trailer also means you have to take certain precautions while on the road, and clear, reflective mirrors can help you do so as they’ll let you know what’s on the road — if there are people or animals around, if there are other vehicles, especially smaller ones that you have to avoid. Safety is the key to great drives, and mirrors certainly help you achieve that.

The Best Parts, the Most Affordable Prices

Buying all these amazing parts for your truck online will help you save a lot of money. And more than that, you’ll be able to protect your life — and others’ lives, too!

Pre-Owned Cars for Sale: Things that You Must Check First

Car Buying in KalamazooBuying pre-owned cars for sale Kalamazoo can be a good experience if you are sure that you are purchasing vehicles that can make you feel comfortable and can meet your desires and needs.

Before deciding to spend your hard-earned money, check some important things so you’ll have a clearer picture of the quality of the car that you are buying. This way, there is also a bigger chance that you will land on a pre-owned car that can put a smile on your face and not on a unit that will only give you a throbbing headache later on.

Take note of the guidelines below as soon as you think you have spotted the car that you really want.

1. Check the car’s service history.

Examine the car’s records. These should include brake checks, oil changes, check-ups, and any recent repairs. Checking its history can paint a better picture of what to expect in terms of its drivability and the car’s overall quality. It likewise increases the chance that this vehicle has been well taken care of by its previous owner.

2. Does it have any engine fluid leakage?

Checking the vehicle for any engine fluid leakage is extremely important, says an expert from Seelye Kia of Kalamazoo. This will help you determine if the engine needs to be replaced soon. The process is done by opening the car’s hood before starting the engine and even while the vehicle is running. Inspect if there is oil, brake fluid or water dripping out.

3. Was the car involved in a car accident?

Try to check if the vehicle has also been in an accident. You should know that a particular accident can affect the car’s bolts, screws, electrical equipment plus other important parts. You may bring an expert with you to carefully examine if any work has already been done, for example, if the bumpers have already been repaired.

Using the above guidelines help make sure that you buy one that is durable and offers the best comfort. Considering these factors also ensures that your payment does not go to waste.

Buy the Perfect SUV with the 3 Secrets

Car Acquisition in Battle CreekMany people rush through the process of buying a car only to overlook critical factors that lower their driving experience and lead to hefty running costs. The article highlights some of the important factors to consider when purchasing a car.

A lot of thought goes into the process of selecting a new car to give the broadest range of cars on the market today. Although many people prioritize price when shopping for a car, there are many other crucial factors to consider as well.  

The Level of Comfort

If you consistently drive over long distances to work or leisure, you need to tend to your creature comfort while on the road. Modern sport utility vehicles boast a myriad of luxurious features, making them an excellent choice. However, before rushing to answer to that new SUV for sale in Battle Creek advert, establish the car's platform. Car-based models boast higher levels of comfort, ease of handling as well as greater fuel economy. Truck-based models, on the other hand, are stronger, sturdier and bear greater payload, making them the ultimate off-road vehicles. Making these distinctions saves you from a buyer’s remorse, a common occurrence with the less informed customers.

The Safety Levels

 Luxurious features such as heated seats and keyless start often hook new customers such that they fail to overlook crucial safety features on the car. Instead, you should consider the number, type, and location of airbags, antilock brakes and rear view cameras, especially when buying a family car. Additionally, you should consider the crash test score from both the IIHS and NHSA.

The Running Costs

While full-size SUV’s boast the highest level of safety compared to the compact and mid-size model, they also carry a premium price tag and running costs of their powerful engines. Truck based models have higher operating expenses compared to the car-based models since they boast heavier 4WD systems. Similarly, the pricier models carry high insurance premiums in addition to expensive part replacements and repairs.

By making the right considerations when buying a new car, you can have a successful driving experience and eliminate buyer remorse. With these considerations, you can finally purchase the perfect car.

Compact Family Living: The Astounding Advantages of RV Life

RV Life in ArkansasLiving in a 400- to 600-square foot of space while on wheels may seem unimaginable to most. However, there have been families who have lived on the road inside an RV and have not regretted it. They have even recommended it because of the following perks.

Everyday’s a New Adventure

Travelling in an RV allows you to go to different places without worrying about luggage, tickets, falling in line at the baggage counter and a host of other processes connected with air and sea travel. Just take your road map or GPS, check your fuel and food supply and drive to where you plan to go. New sceneries, activities and neighbors in just a few hours’ drive; perfect for families with the genes of wanderlust, Moix RV surmises.

Home is Where You’re Parked

Going home isn’t even applicable anymore since you won’t be travelling far from home. Trailer parks, RV parking spaces and even mountain roads become your new yard once you’ve found the right spot to park.

Family Time Most of the Time

Compact spaces allow the family to share everything in their “home”: meals, time, talk and even sleeping quarters. This allows you more time with your children and partner as you drive or finish home chores. However, do consider your family’s needs and size when buying your RV from any of the RV sales in Arkansas.

Healthier and Economical Living

The stove, grill and oven are easily accessible. Most of your food items and ingredients are easy to prepare. You can easily get sunlight, fresh air and greenery and enjoy them once you’ve parked your RV. Plus, by installing LED lights, energy-efficient appliances, solar panels and chargers and water-saving taps you can save more than just the rent.

Believe it or not, certain families have not given up RV living even if they have toddlers. Most of their reasons are all family-oriented too. Consider the possibility of compact life and travel. You might be surprised at how much you and your family will like it.

Used Car Parts ‘Scare’ Is Not True

Car PartsThe global $14 billion automotive parts and aftermarket vehicles have recently urged governments from around the world to welcome imports of used cars — given that they meet all the required safety standards.

According to Stuart Charity, an executive director who handles over 2,000 businesses and employs at least 40,000 people in the automotive parts retail industry, competition in the market is forcefully being kept high. The advertised consensus that second-hand cars and parts are all dangerous and accident-prone has no substantial basis at all.

K.D. Auto Spares, a provider of Maxima car parts, suggested that unless the car has been smuggled or manipulated by technicians in order to look error-free, all vehicles that can run will run.

A Wish for a Full Stop

The Financial Review recently interviewed Stuart Charity, one of the leading influencers of the movement. He said, ‘We believe there should be deregulation of the industry. If a vehicle is relatively new, say three to five years, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be able to be imported provided it complies with all the safety features and emission criteria.’

Whenever a car selling hub announces a campaign about the subpar value of used cars, it’s nothing more than a scare to monopolise the market. But, despite the claims being largely untrue, the mass projection of primary car sellers about the bad quality of second-hand cars and used parts have wrongly programmed the mindset of the public and the government.

Steadily Reclining

The underappreciated second-hand automotive market has seen some great improvements over the last fiscal trades assessment. Aftermarket firms Repco, Supercheap Auto and the ASX-listed Burson Group have experienced quite a huge leap in the last five years, with the trend consistently climbing up. If the stigma on aftermarket vehicles and parts will be somehow lifted and improved, other aftermarket firms will generate above average capitals.

Overall, the appreciation of the aftermarket industry may level the market value of the automobile industry.

Safe Driving During Heavy Rains & Strong Winds

Bad Weather Driving In AustinYour parents—and perhaps your driving instructors—would probably recommend that you drive during a sunny day, at an empty car park. Although this is ideal for learning how to get comfortable with the car, how to park, and how to adjust your mirrors, it's not a real-world form of training. Sadly, not many adults would teach their child how to drive in the middle of bad weather.

Improving your driving skills during heavy rain and strong winds will help keep you, your passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers safe as you maneuver during the worst weather. Before you rely on your sheer driving skills, you should also make sure that your vehicle wouldn’t leave you stranded. Austin Auto Repair recommends taking it to auto mechanics for repairs and inspection. A mechanic will ensure your vehicle is reliable enough, whatever the weather.

With that concern, why not read this guide to make you a better driver even during a storm.

Minimize or Remove Distractions

Turn down your music as you drive. If you must turn on your radio, do it if you're going to listen to the news. This is for you to better informed about the driving conditions you're going. Turning down all sources of noise inside your car will make you more alert to sounds outside.

Do not use your phone while driving. Find a place where you can park safely if the visibility is limited, or if you are having difficulties controlling your vehicle. This is when you should use your phone to inform your family about where you are and what the situation is.

Slow Down and Pay Attention

Driving fast when the road is wet puts you at risk of hydroplaning and losing control of your car. Instead of speeding up, slow down if the rain is too heavy. Turn your headlights on to help other drivers see you. Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel, especially if there are gusts of wind. The smaller your vehicle, the more dangerous gusts can be. Do not follow a car too closely. Keep a distance of at least three cars between you and the one you're following, so you have more reaction time.

As in any dangerous driving condition, an ideal way to avoid accidents is to find a safe place to park. Of course, safe means do not park under a tree or a lamppost. It is actually safer to park in an area where you are flanked by other cars as it gives you a little protection against wind. If you can, leave your car locked and enter a place of business, such as a mall or convenience store, then do so and wait for the wind and rain to pass.

The Three Ls to Make the Most Out of Your Ride

Car Maintenance in TaurangaThe electrical system of automobiles is composed of many vital parts, from ports used to charge phones to window and mirror controls, as well as those that start the engine; these electricity consumers play many different roles in giving you the pleasure of a great-performing car packed with nifty features.

However, because of the complexity of these electrical components, you most likely will have a hard time figuring out which one causes the problem you currently experience. Don’t give up on your car just yet; there are still several ways to prevent minor and major problems, both of which can cause a big dent in your wallet. Follow these three Ls and you can enjoy your investment for a long time.

  1. Look.

Use your sense of sight. This is the easiest and quickest way to discover the potential cause of your car’s electric issues. A common, yet often disregarded sign of trouble is a lit check engine light. There is a reason why this signal turns on, and as the term already suggests, the problem leads back to a faulty engine.

Another important thing to look for is rust and corrosion on your battery cables’ terminal ends. You should also consider dim lights, including that of headlights and brake lights, as a sign of a potential electrical-system-related problem.

  1. Listen.

Cars make sounds, but when these become odd noises, they may indicate issues with your Tauranga vehicle’s electrical system. Clicking noises generated whenever you turn the key usually signal insufficient current flow to the starter, a problem often caused by a discharged or faulty battery.

Cranking that comes with grinding sounds, on the other hand, typically indicate a malfunctioning flywheel ring gear or starter. You may also hear irregular grinding or scraping noises whenever you step on the brakes, a sign that your brake system is nearing its final days.

  1. Love.

As cheesy as it may sound, showering your ride with the love, care and attention it deserves will go a long way to protecting not only its electrical components but also every other minor and major part of its exterior and interior.

And as an integral part of your ‘love’ and maintenance program, make sure you regularly get the services of an auto electrical specialist in Tauranga.