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Fun and Adventure in Bath

Adventure in Bath

Adventure in BathTravelling with friends or family to a unique destination, whether to explore, discover, or just to have fun and relaxation, is one great experience anyone could ever have. Bath is one unique destination that offers a lot of things to do for the adventurous traveller. It surely would be a trip worth to remember coming to this place.

Look for a Place to Stay

A specialist from Bailbrook Lodge says boutique bed and breakfast accommodations are found in great locations all over Bath. These places are modern and trendy with luxurious amenities: clean and large rooms, elegant king-sized beds, large bathrooms with clean towels, delicious food with superb ingredients, a spa, a view of its beautiful gardens and wide parking lots. You can also take a view of the city or the countryside from your own room. After your breakfast, you can take a walk, bike, or ride a horse while you enjoy the green and lush surroundings of the countryside. The place should make you feel at home with a staff that gives friendly and personal service.

Get Your Money’s Worth

Seek a travel agent or guide who can help you plan about prices and accommodations that fit your budget. You may also ask recommendations from friends or relatives and learn from their experiences. The satisfaction you get would make you decide whether to visit the place again.

Things to Do at Your Destination

There are many fun activities that you can do at your destination. You can explore and discover cultural heritage sites, try the Roman Baths, enjoy shopping, eat at the restaurants or cafes, enjoy the hot air balloon ride, watch a theatre play, visit a museum, appreciate the architectural designs of buildings, watch a racehorse, and much more. Spend your time wisely, as you get entertained, while you spend within your budget.

As you plan for that trip to your chosen destination, always remember to plan ahead, save money for the trip, check for accommodations, enjoy the activities you want to do there, and do not forget to capture the memories in photographs.

Choosing a Travel Agency for Your Organization

Choosing a Travel AgencyBusiness travel has become an invaluable part of any company. It allows companies to create new connections and maintain existing ones. Not to mention the need for employees to attend workshops and conferences that keep them ahead of the game in the industry. As such, companies are tasked with the duty of finding a reliable corporate business travel company that can meet their needs on call. But, given the great deals of travel agencies in the market today, finding a good travel agency can prove daunting.

Don’t worry, these few tips will help you not only find but partner with an excellent business travel company.

Choose a reputable and experienced travel agent

It’s the first and most important thing to consider when looking for a travel agent. A good travel agent should be knowledgeable about the different business travel arrangements and other services (transportation from the airport). Be sure to ask the number of corporate clients they have handled in the past and whether they were big or small companies. Can they make flexible travel arrangements?

Staff engagement

Are the staff full of enthusiasm and passion for their work? If not, then it’s time you find another business travel agency. Note that staff engagement is critical to delivering high customer service. As such, it is important to visit their office and get a real feel of how various teams and departments work.

Terms and conditions of payment

The whole idea of engaging a corporate business travel agency is to reduce the costs and create convenience, an expert from says. So you want to partner with a company that fits your budget and meets your needs. A travel agent that requires upfront payment for every booking, for example, may be pretty inconvenient for a company that travels often. Thus, a company that allows monthly billing, would be ideal as it helps saves lots of time and money.

Services beyond booking flights

Primarily, corporate business travel companies help businesses’ book flights quickly. But, what happens if a flight is canceled or after a flight is confirmed? An excellent travel agency partners with its clients even after a flight is confirmed; they are there to offer alternative arrangements in case a flight is canceled. It makes all the difference.

With these few tips, finding a safe and reliable business travel company for your organization should not be so nerve-racking. When looking for a good business travel company it is important to choose an experienced travel agent, consider the staff engagement, terms of payment and services offered beyond booking flights.

Stepping On Sacred Soil: 3 Amazing Destinations in The Holy Land

JerusalemPrilgrimages are a great way for believers to lift their spirits, meet people who share the same faith, and experience amazing historical destinations. So if you want to discover places that have been mentioned in the Bible, or follow in the footsteps of Jesus, going to the Holy Land is great.   

Before signing up for any of the LDS Holy Land tours available, here are three of the most recommended areas to take note of. 


The vibrant capital of Israel, Jerusalem is one of the main lands where tourists can immerse themselves in the culture, history, and stories behind the Holy Land. The usual destinations that travelers go to include Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, Jerusalem’s Old City, and the City of David. 


Following a tour of Jerusalem, Jordan is a favorite stop for most LDS Holy Land tours. It’s conveniently close to Israel; you can get there from Jericho via the Dead Sea. Part of the tour takes participants through Mount Nebo, where stories of Moses abound. This is the site where Moses was able to get a glimpse of the Promised Land and the rumors of him being buried at Mount Nebo, so the location is definitely rich in Biblical insights. 

Within the area are the rock formation and the canyons that make up the picturesque area of Wadi Rum. The site can be accessed via a jeep drive, while tourists can stay the night in tented camps for rest.


The ancient city of Capernaum is another place that’s prominently mentioned in the Bible. Today, it’s an archeological site lovingly preserved for its history and architecture. There is also the ruins of the Ancient Synagogue in Capernaum that is commonly visited during the tours. History states that the ruins were built as early as the 1st century AD, where the story of the Roman officer who had an ill servant and had turned to Jesus for healing.

Many of these areas are historic places in the Bible, and good Holy Land tours are a great way to visit them. 

Less is More: Packing Ideas for a Weekend Getaway


TravelThere’s no science behind packing. Most of the time, what you have to bring will depend on the weather, your destination, and your personal style. In this post, we’re giving you a template to help you pack the right items for a short weekend trip.

Follow the steps before you hit the road, so you can avoid packing too much:

Prepare a packing list

Create a list of all the items you will need for your trip. Consider the local weather in your destination, as well as the different events and activities you will be doing over the weekend. The list helps you get rid of all the non-essentials that will only add unnecessary weight to your luggage. Moreover, this can help you double check and make sure that you have repacked all your items when it’s time to go back home.

Be a light packer

How many times have you been on a trip only to realize that you didn’t get to wear half of the clothes you brought? Remember, your trip will only be for a few days. Pack only the basic items you will need and learn how to mix and match your clothes for multiple events. Ideally, there should be some extra space in your bag to leave room for souvenirs.

Keep your toiletries to the minimum

You might not even have to bring your own toiletries. Most hotels in St. George, Utah, like, already offer these things for guests. Just to be sure, go to your local supermarket and look for travel-size containers of your favorite toiletries. If you have a limited budget, look for small plastic containers that you can use for your bathroom essentials. Don’t forget to bring grooming products, such as a toothbrush, floss, and hairbrush.

You don’t need to bring two heavy bags if you will only be gone for the weekend. With a bit of smart packing, you can enjoy your trip without the heavy luggage.

The Fabulous Shopper’s Guide: Where Should You Shop in HK?


ShoppingShopping — the national pastime of locals and tourists in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong serves as the shopping mecca of anyone who enjoys good finds at affordable prices. Millions of visitors annually drop by this shopper’s haven due to its numerous markets, malls and well-stocked boutiques.

If you are itching for a shopping trip, a visit to Hong Kong is worth your while. Any sensible shopper should not miss this shopping haven. After you pack your bags, book into one of Hong Kong’s small hotels and settle in, it’s time to ready your shoes for an unending shopping trip.

Clueless on where you should start? Here are some of Hong Kong’s must-see shopping places:

Tsim Sha Tsui and Harbour City

Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the country’s flourishing shopping districts and recreational areas. The district is the concentration of all shopping malls, stores and restaurants. A number of international brands also group on the streets, especially in Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard.

On the other hand, Harbour City is famous for being Hong Kong’s largest multipurpose shopping mall, which covers most of Canton Road in Kowloon. It has five parts: Ocean Terminal, the Pacific Club Kowloon, Ocean Centre, the Gateway and Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel.

Harbour City offers numerous designer boutiques such as Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and Versace.

Jade Market

If you love jewellery and accessories, the Jade Market is your next stop. Located at the intersection of Battery and Kansu streets in Kowloon, this district offers stalls filled with jade items. Tourists must visit the district with a jade expert to avoid counterfeit items.

Stalls commonly sell jade accessories, which include rings, bangles, earrings and pendants. You might also come across odd finds for your souvenirs.

Admiralty, Central and SOHO

Along the East coast of Hong Kong lie the neighbourhoods of Admiralty, Central and SOHO. With glamorous and fully-stocked malls and boutiques, shoppers would get their sport done. This shopping neighbourhood also serves as the major concentration of high-fashion luxury goods.

Hong Kong is every shopper’s paradise, especially if you know where to go. So, ready your feet for an all-day shopping bonanza at Asia’s shopping mecca.

Employment Outlook in New Zealand in 2015

New Zealand

New ZealandThe economic growth of New Zealand is continually gaining momentum and with it, the increasing demand for skills on the job market.

Despite the reports that the national unemployment rate has dipped by as much as 5.7 per cent, New Zealand’s employment opportunities is seen increasing. The number of jobs in Auckland alone rose by 20,000 in the first quarter of 2015, while in the Wellington region, job numbers grew to 7,000.

Skills High in Demand

There is no permanent job skill as every industry is evolving. Everyone needs to possess additional and upgrade one’s current skillset in order to qualify for career progress. In fact,, one of the toprecruitment agencies in New Zealand, has added more job positions such as commercial broker and Korean language broker.

The following are the skills in high demand or as the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment puts it, the long term skill shortages: agriculture and forestry, construction, education, engineering, finance/business, health and social services, ICT and electronics, oil and gas, recreation, hospitality and tourism, science, telecommunications, trades and transport.

The government see the economy to grow up to 4.4 per cent or as much as 100,000 jobs until 2016. The concentration of employment is expected to be in Auckland and Canterbury regions. The industries that will need additional hands will be mostly from the construction and utilities industries.

Analytical Jobs

The year also sees an increasing need for skilled professionals who can diagnose time or cost efficiencies, then, offer solutions that will improve their department’s or business’s performance.

As long as companies and employers want to maintain profitability while keeping costs down, professionals who can offer effective process or cost solutions will be in demand. That said, career seekers with skills and talents in accountancy, mobile developing and business development managers will have greater chances of landing a job this year.

New Zealand will continue to be the land of opportunities, but as with all diamonds in the rough, career seekers must learn to search thoroughly to achieve their dream jobs.

Why They’re Crazy About Napa Valley | Gates Estates

Napa Valley entrance

Napa Valley entranceIt isn’t difficult to see why homeowners in Napa Valley are so crazy about where they live. The northern slice of California will have anyone charmed with its elegant hills that mimic the beauty of Tuscany and its hundreds of acres of fragrant vineyards.

It comes as no surprise that Napa Valley’s real estate market continues to make bank. Who would pass up the good life?


391 wineries litter the hills and fields of Napa Valley, making it quite the slice of heaven for wine connoisseurs. What most take as a luxury is something you can find only a few steps from your door or after a short drive. Even non-fans will find themselves converted with the sensory overload that awaits in Napa Valley.


Apart from the wine, the valley also takes great pride in its wide selection of fine dining restaurants and cafés. From Michelin starred spots to rustic restaurants, Napa Valley is never short of excellent dining experiences. You no longer have to drive long hours or take flights to get a taste of their extraordinary cuisine. This time, it’s just around the corner.


Contrary to what postcards make you believe, Napa Valley is not all vineyards. There are beautiful woods and rivers to help you burn off the sumptuous wine and food. These parts of the Valley are worth the hike because of the scenic views it rewards you with once you reach the peak.


Napa Valley is not short of exciting events all year round. They hold well-attended wine-tasting events and wine auctions that gather the best connoisseurs on this side of the country. Food, wine, art, and music festivals are held at various venues throughout the valley, too.

Napa Valley makes a charming retreat, more so a place to settle in permanently. Who wouldn’t grab the chance to live in a home surrounded by wineries? Who would pass up the opportunity to ditch the hustle and bustle of the big city in exchange for the quiet of the Valley’s fairytale picture book sceneries? Maybe it’s time to rethink your plans and look at the adventures waiting in Napa Valley.

Mickey & Polar Bears: What’s Brewing in Shanghai?

Brewing in Shanghai

Brewing in ShanghaiApart from becoming the largest economy in the world recently, China might as well be dubbed the new tourism hub not just in Asia, but on the entire planet. Drawing over 55M tourists every year, its main attractions are the iconic Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, and Terracotta Army to name a few. Apart from its architectural marvels and colorful culture, the country is the most famous home to adorable pandas and other exotic wildlife.

To further stamp its bid as a haven for global tourists, a pair of incredible developments are currently underway in its premier city Shanghai. As the travel site noted, “Without a doubt, Shanghai is one of the most popular cities in China. Sometimes referred to as the “Paris of the East,” it is among Asia’s most exciting and fastest-developing metropolises.” Here are the two sought-after attractions that are expected to open next year and in 2017, respectively:

Happiest Place in China

Mickey Mouse and the rest of the gang are coming to Pudong, Shanghai next year. Scheduled to open next spring in China (April to May), it will feature the Garden of Imaginations—an 11-acre garden collection—along with other themed parks such as Enchanted Storybook Castle, Treasure Cove, and the rumored Frozen-inspired area.

Largest Theme Park for Marine Species

In about two years, the Polar Ocean Park will open its doors to feature many of the remarkable marine species normally just found in the icy northern and southern oceans. This world-class park promises to be a thrilling destination, offering a unique opportunity to meet polar bears, along with other fantastic Arctic and Antarctic animals, up close.

The marine park will feature a dozen of exhibition halls, four interactive zones, and three state-of-the-art cinemas.

Government’s Participation

Shanghai is making every effort to ensure the convenience of visitors of both parks. In fact, an expansion project aims to improve the expressway linking both attractions and allow tourists to drive between the neighboring parks in less than 30 minutes.

China truly has a penchant for the grandeur. With the presence of these two tourist magnets, the nation has every reason to become the global tourism magnet in East Asia.

Three Stunning Gardens Worth Visiting

garden of versailles

garden of versaillesWith Perth’s beautiful sceneries and ample lands, it is definitely one of the best places to settle in Australia. Not only do you get to enjoy the great outdoors, you can also own a house with an actual backyard or, if you are very lucky, acres of land.

Definitely, Perth is not one of those congested metropolitan cities. You can either go cosmopolitan, but you can also choose the suburbs, which are just minutes away from the financial district. It is no wonder then that you can find excellent landscaping services in the area. The locals have been having great fun turning their backyards and big pockets of lands into beautiful gardens and inspiring spaces.

Before ringing up the one of the landscaping companies, you might want to take a peek at some of the world’s most fabulous gardens for inspiration. You may not have the same huge budget, but you just might get a few ideas from these unbelievably beautiful places.

The Gardens of Versailles

First up, of course, the wonderful, jaw-dropping gardens of the Versailles and one of Louis XIV’s enduring legacies. Done in the classic French Garden styles, it features perfectly designed lawns, manicured obsessively with grasses and shrubs cut into curious shapes. If you are the type who likes a fancy garden, then this might be the right inspiration for you.

The Shinnyo-do Zen Garden in Japan

If you prefer your space to exude calmness and an ambience that puts the heart and the mind at ease, then you should check out the Shinnyo-do Zen Garden in Japan. It is basically ruled by great symmetry and there is none of the gaudy or over-the-top landscape designs found in other gardens. One of its instantly recognizable features is the carefully arranged pebbles and beautifully executed swirls on the sand, which oddly enough, creates a peaceful vibe.

The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is definitely a product of this century. A mixture of huge foliage and intricately designed light posts, it gives off this otherworldly vibe. Aesthetically, the fusion of nature and technology is just sheer perfection. The experience one gets from it is akin to stepping into another world.

These similarly beautiful, but aesthetically divergent, gardens are definitely worth checking out for inspiration.

Driving in the Fog with Minimal Risk

Driving in the Fog

Driving in the FogFog is a driving hazard that you rarely think about. That is, until you are right in the middle of it.

Driving in the fog isn’t just bothersome, but also dangerous. It’s like driving while you’re blindfolded. Naturally, it increases your chances of figuring in a vehicular accident. To help you drive safely even when your car is enveloped by fog remember the following tips:

Slow down

As you’re having trouble seeing where you’re going, it only makes sense to drive slow. The thick fog could affect your judgment, though. To help you control your speed, glance at the speedometer now and then.

Activate low beam headlights

With limited visibility, your first thought would be to use the high beam headlights. When you are driving in the fog, however, this will only restrict road visibility even more. Your high beams will reflect off of the fog and impair your vision even more.

Keep an eye on the right-side pavement

Driving near the center line will only move you closer to approaching traffic. Instead, use the right-side pavement as your guide. This will help you avoid running into oncoming vehicles or being distracted by their headlights.

Use an anti fog mirror

As a safety measure, install an anti fog mirror on your car. The anti fog technology improves your side mirror’s visual clarity. This increases your protection as it keeps your side mirrors from collecting excessive moisture, even in the midst of heavy fog.

Ultimately, do not stop your car. Even if your natural reaction tells you to, do not stop in the middle of the road. As much as possible, look for a safe spot to pull over, such as a gas station. This should be far from traffic. Remember to turn off your headlights to avoid giving other drivers the impression that you are in the travel lane, and to avoid a collision.