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A Kick of Confidence: How Martial Arts Help Ease the Uneasy

Martial Arts Training

Martial Arts TrainingWe often see martial arts as nothing more than learning self-defense. It’s no surprise, given the badassery that comes with doing muay Thai or mastering taekwondo.

What trainers from Michigan Academy of Taekwondo want to share with those who are new to the sport and those who are curious is more than just an exchange of arm thrusts and kicks.

Combat Bullying

Colin Osborn, Claire Fletcher, and Peter Clarke teach martial arts to children to boost their self-confidence. A lot of parents call them up to report incidents of bullying and mild threats toward their children. This inspired Osborn, Fletcher, and Clarke to start a Confident Kids program.

Kids who would apply for martial arts classes were struggling with their self-esteem and their social anxieties. Martial arts teach kids to be braver and more disciplined when it comes to facing challenges. As a result, their self-confidence skyrockets. According to Osborn, children who take martial arts lessons were improving significantly even in academic concerns.

Women Empowerment

Bruce Lee and Jet Li were famous icons of martial arts in popular culture. People applauded the two actors and awaited every film, but there was one thing that was noticeable about the martial arts phenomenon: there weren’t many women practicing them.

In America, practicing martial arts is a male-dominated area. These days, however, more and more women have been joining martial arts classes. Jessica Dobbs, a trainer, says that women who take her classes do so because they like the feeling of empowerment. Martial arts have become a way to get in shape, as well as a practice for a disciplined body and mind. Dobbs even mentions that it gives women the opportunity to feel comfortable even in the presence of men, urging them to get out of their comfort zones and take leadership roles.

Without martial arts, Dobbs remarks, she wouldn’t have gained her love for public speaking and teaching. It’s an empowering sport that transforms your fear into sheer fearlessness.

Giving Your Kids an Awesome Surprise During the Holidays

A fence decorated in red festive ribbons and wreaths Kids love surprises. You will see the sparkle in their eyes along with that overwhelming joy that reflects on their big smile. During holidays where the family gets together, kids always have a blast. Apart from the usual dinner, put some more effort in ensuring that they get the surprise of their lives.

A Surprise Trip to Grandma’s Farm

Some kids love to stay at their grandparents’ farms, so make the necessary preparations. The idea of traveling and going out of town (or the neighborhood) will surely thrill them. At the same time, if the place is near a body of water (beach, lake, or river), then they would surely look forward to having some fun swimming or fishing.

A Fantastic Light Show

If you haven’t tried installing a grand residential Christmas lighting before, then make this year different. Yes, you can start a lights show even at home. Use background music that would synchronize with all the blinking lights. Start this by getting a clue from the kind of music they listen to. Once you have everything all set, gather them in the front yard and turn on the lights altogether. This would be a nice surprise that they’ll love.

Tickets to Their Favorite Game

If your kids are baseball fans, then get them tickets to see an actual game. stated that many regard baseball as the greatest game ever and it’s only proper for your children to have the chance to see one. If they love football, basketball, or any other sport, then do the same. If they’ve been bugging you about it for a long time, resist the urge to tell them about the surprise. That would be a real spoiler.

Holidays need to be special. Adults may deem a dinner at a fine restaurant as sufficient, but children may not relate to this kind of celebration. They need something that excites them. This is why you need to make the holidays memorable for them.

Mind Blowing: The Six Interesting Facts About Bull Riding

Man riding a bull

While it’s a thrill to watch the bull riders getting bucked off, bull riding is a dangerous sport. It’s no wonder it’s referred to as “the riskiest eight seconds in sports.”

If you want to participate in bull riding, A.A. Callister says some of the mandatory equipment you will need include a bull riding helmet, gloves, boots and a padded protective vest to protect yourself from injuries. This article shares some interesting facts about bull riding to prepare you for the sport.

1. A qualified ride is eight seconds. As a rider, you are considered as having qualified if you stay on top of the bucking bull for eight seconds. The timer stops counting the moment you touch the ground.

2. Red Rock is the name of the bull believed to be the hardest bucking bull ridden. In the 80s, this bull dislodged 300 or more riders.

3. Scoring a bull is done differently from scoring the rider. While the rider is qualified on his ability to stay atop of the bucking bull, a bull gets scores based on how difficult he is to ride.

4. How scoring is done. Usually, there are two judges; each has 25 points to give. The riders’ expertise is calculated based on how he rides while putting into consideration the bulls’ resistance and bucking. The more the bull spins, gets in the air, changes directions, the more points the riders gets.

5. Cowboys make a real living from professional bull riding. Professional bull riding (PBR) is becoming pretty big. More and more sponsorships are getting into the sport. Silvano Alves, a PBR world champion has in the last three years won $3.2 million. In the US, a rider can make $30,000- $40,000 every weekend.

6. Originally, the roping contest was a practice done cowboys who held cattle for doctoring.

Now you have some facts to impress your friends if the discussion about America’s fastest growing sport comes up.

Bull riding can be an exciting activity if you are prepared. So it’s best to always equip yourself with the right gears to ensure safety.

Three Northside Brisbane Suburbs for Young Easily Stressed Individuals

Young People in BrisbaneAustralians are stressed-out people. If you’re young, you feel it a lot worse than most seniors. The good news is the kind of environment you’re in can help reduce anxiety symptoms and improve your well-being.

If you’re in Brisbane, The Royal advises that you find affordable housing or even temporary accommodations in some choice areas that would help you get away from it all. These three charming suburbs on the north side may offer you a sense of community, peace, and laid-back vibe—just perfect for those who want to lead a life away from stress.

1. Hendra

What used to be a farming community is now a cosy suburb with plenty of natural attractions such as parks and hiking trails. It doesn’t have an amazing nightlife, which you may not need anyway, but it has a country feel that makes it soothing and relaxing. It doesn’t come as a surprise that some rank it as one of the top 20 best suburbs in Brisbane.

2. Nundah

Previously known as the German Station, this inner-city suburb has a rich, complex history, as well as a diverse community. It has an impeccable mixture of residences and entertainment places, including function venues in Brisbane Northside that are near public transport stations. This makes commuting to and from the workplace easier and faster. Capping this sweet deal is the fact it lies only 8 kilometres away from the central business district, or roughly 15 minutes away.

Families in Nundah enjoy visits to the Centro Toombul Shopping Centre, rugby games in Bishop Park, and the annual street festival.

3. Aspley

Do you feel the need for spiritual reconnection? Then you have to be in Aspley, which has one of the biggest interfaith denominations with several active churches. Travelling from home to the CBD area is a comfortable half-hour drive. You could also take a ride in any of the train stations serving the suburb.

Improve your work-life balance through your residential choices. These three top North suburbs in Brisbane offer a great combination of entertainment, access to important public services, and a quiet homelife.

Don’t be Afraid to be Alone: The Essential Guide for Solo Travel

travelling to places
Travelling is one of the best forms of therapy, but that’s not all it’s good for. In fact, it’s only one of those things in life that don’t need an explanation on why it’s great. The experience alone is reason enough.

Travelling isn’t only therapeutic, but also educational, fun and often memorable. Make your travels memorable for the right reasons. Here are some suggestions:

Don’t be afraid to go alone

Many people can’t go on an adventure alone. If your worry is getting lost or feeling lonely, think of it in another way — it’s sometimes fun to get lost and try to find your way back. If you think it’s lonely to travel alone, you’re probably not doing it right or you’ve never tried it before. Go and try it for yourself. You’ll see how easy it is to make friends and how relaxing it can be to be alone in a foreign land.

There are advantages to travelling alone. For instance, you can set your own pace and follow your own schedule or none at all. Make your own itinerary without worrying that someone else will force you to go to a place you don’t want to.

Don’t bring your entire wardrobe

Learn to pack light. Light means a luggage for some, but that’s too much already. Bring a bag that’s light and small enough to take anywhere, even in buses, planes and trains, without requiring compartments. All you need is a change of clothes or two.

Even if you’re staying for a week, simply wash your tops and keep using your jeans. If you need laundry service, choose a hotel with one. Don’t bring soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste and buy them instead or get them free at the hotel. Bring the shoes you want to wear the entire duration of your travel, so you don’t have to bring an extra pair.

Have contingency funds

It’s a bad idea to have an exact budget. There are places that are more costly than you think and your credit cards may not be accepted everywhere. Apart from credit cards, make sure you have extra cash that you can access from any ATM around the world. In case it doesn’t work, No.1 Currency recommends receiving money from family members through Western Union money transfer. It’s not a happy experience to run out of money while you’re abroad.

Find out what you can do for cash

If you do run out of funds due to unexpected occurrences, like a cancelled flight, what can you do to make a little money? Read some travel blogs for suggestions. A local business in a non-native English-speaking country might need some editing work on their menus and ads. This is often possible for businesses near the beach and busy roads, where tourists are always there. Perhaps you can offer graphic design work using your MacBook. Be ready to talk to people; it might give you an idea how to fund your next trip.

There are so many things to make your solo travels easier and more fun; they can also be more meaningful and educational. Follow these tips and start planning where to go next.

Recover from a Bad Relationship with this Post-Breakup Plan

Post Break Up Plans You can breathe easy once again. You’ve just ended a toxic relationship. You’ve donethe hard part. Now comes the practical phase of bouncing back from the harrowing experience. Here is a guide to get things going.

Fix your living situation.

One of the main issues between unmarried couples who break up is the living situation. If you bought a home together, how do you split up the property? If you were leasing an apartment, who gets to stay?

The decision comes easy in amicable breakups. But in contentious splits, you may have a harder time of determining property split or who keeps the apartment. One option is to sell the home and divide the profit, with the rest going to the mortgage. With a rented apartment, the person whose name appears on the lease should keep the place.

Get help.

Once you sell the property or give up the lease, the next step is to move out. But don’t do it alone. Invite your closest friends to help pack. Organize a packing party, and make it fun. Use this time to purge unpleasant reminders of the relationship.

Aside from enlisting the help of friends, get a reliable local moving company to transport your belongings to your new place. If you have oversized items, such as a piano or a hot tub, use a moving service that specializes in transporting hefty objects.

Stay close to family and friends.

You may want a change of scenery after the split, and feel you have to move to a different city, or state. While it’s understandable to want to get away from places you and your partner have been to, moving permanently to a new city or state will isolate you from your support system. You need family and friends close by to help you through this difficult time.

Think about what you want to change, and then do it.

Focus on yourself, and change something. Maybe it’s your hair, the kind of music you listen to, or the way you decorate your room. The bottom line is a small change can create a big impact and help you move on.

Use technology to de-stress.

You’ll find plenty of mobile apps that relieve stress. Meditation apps can help you get rid of negative thoughts. With breathing techniques and guided imagery, you can reclaim inner peace after a breakup.

A breakup is never easy. But sometimes, it’s necessary when the relationship has become toxic. Following a post-split plan can ease the blow. It will allow you to heal, and recover from the experience.


The Essentials of Building a Mall Play Area for Children

Mall Play Area

Mall Play AreaWherever malls rise, there will be families with little children that need their own distractions. Make the most of this fact and offer an area where parents can leave their children in trustworthy hands. Here are a few pointers for setting up a play area in your local shopping mall:

Space – Children will spend most of their time running around and exploring every discovery possible. Rent enough space for children and adults to roam without fear of bumping anything, even with the presence of toys and playground furnishings. For playground fixtures that do have small spaces such as tunnels, ledges and stairs, make sure that there are no hard corners that can get in the way of their activities.

Child-friendly, Not Childproof – Child proofing means you’re stopping the child from getting their full exposure to physical enjoyment and interaction. You’re always thinking that they’re going to get hurt. Make things child-friendly instead by inspecting the quality and reputation of the toy manufacturers supplying your entertainment and the age range of your offered playthings.

Activities – Basics usually include slides, tunnels, and seesaws although there are children who prefer something more artistic or animated. Provide a broad range of films, shows, music, and reading material for them in case they get physically exhausted. Choose colorful carpets and rubber flooring for specific areas and activities.

Staff and Service – Families will not always have a willing volunteer or babysitter to tend to their child so proper supervision is always required. Choose staff who are naturally good with dealing with children or who are able to respond quickly and efficiently. ProKleen added to hire commercial cleaners for your space and carpet cleaning since you are dealing with the well-being of children.

The mall usually has much to offer all members of the family. However, your children may not always enjoy shopping as you would. With an indoor playground business, the whole family is assured of enjoying their day at the mall while feeling secure about the younger members’ safety and activities.

Aging Gracefully, Aging Independently

Aging GracefullyAging is a natural part of life. Although you cringe at the thought of you sitting around in a retirement home, with salt-and-pepper hair on your head and wrinkles on your face, once you reach that stage in your life, you’ll just have to live it the best you can.

At present, living as a senior doesn’t mean being confined to a wheelchair and relying on a caregiver for the simplest tasks. You can retain an active lifestyle and age gracefully, even as the years keep up.

Dealing with Senior Blues

As you ease into the advanced years, you’ll feel as if you lost your independence. You start to get the dates wrong, and misplacing the keys has become a habit. When your family decides it’s best for you to join a senior living community like Legacy Retirement, it’s hard not to feel sad. You’re getting old and losing the energy and capability for a lot of activities.

While aging often entails relying on assistance, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. A lot of seniors spend their twilight years doing what they enjoy and engaging in worthwhile hobbies, and you can certainly do the same.

Encouraging Yourself to Age Independently

The support of family and friends is integral to aging independently, but keep in mind that you need to encourage yourself as well. Find activities you love doing. Whether it’s jogging around the neighborhood, tending to your garden, or cooking, motivate yourself to engage in it.

While occasional bouts of forgetfulness and aging pains may slow you down, don’t quit because of them. They’re a normal part of aging; don’t let them get to you.

Knowing That Independence Doesn’t Mean Living Alone

If you’re stubborn and you want to prove that you’re still energetic and youthful, and you plan to do so by insisting on living alone, think again.

Independence doesn’t mean you have to do everything all by yourself. While it’s largely dependent on your capacity to fend for yourself, it’s also about knowing your limits. You can prove yourself capable, even with your kids or caregivers helping out. You can still do some chores, but this time, you have to be extra careful not to overexert yourself.

Aging need not be a dreadful part of life. With the right mentality, a great support system, and an ideal environment, you can age gracefully and independently.

Practical Self-Defense Pointers for the Beginner

Learning self-defensePeople get into self-defense courses for different reasons. Some go into it for health and self-image, while others go into it to hone their survival skills. If you’re starting out and still have ways to go, here are some gentle reminders for the budding fighter.

Size Isn’t Everything – Hollywood has done a lot to show that looks can be quite deceiving. The physical size and strength of an opponent is not the only factor counted in a fight. If you’re facing a larger opponent and you have no means of escape, then think of ways to use your quicker movements. Conversely, if you’re the bigger person, don’t let their small stature make you overconfident.

Numbers Count – A skilled combatant can still feel overwhelmed by a big crowd of less skilled thugs. The idea is to find help as soon as possible and get out of dark alleys. The pack mentality also works against them too, so defeating their leader or intimidating them can discourage small groups.

Healing Up – Once you’ve succeeded to win or escape, always make sure that you address your bruises, wounds, sprains and other aches and pains. Simply because you feel you’re all right doesn’t mean you are and only a medical examination can prove otherwise. In addition, it’s best that you have a health program to improve and maintain your well-being, such as Dr. Wallach’s longevity and youngevity plan.

Don’t Get Cornered – Speaking of getting trapped, always look for an exit strategy before engaging anyone, especially against more than a single opponent. Fight in open spaces or where people like security guards or police for assistance. In addition, even the most skilled of fighters know when to continue fighting or strategically retreat instead.

Real life is different from the movies. There is no need to get confrontational against every single offense. The idea is to tell the difference between real threats and bluffs, then living to fight another day.

Wedding Venues: 4 Things That Matter Most

Choosing a Wedding Venue

Choosing a Wedding VenueYour wedding venue should be more than just spacious with areas for eating, drinking and dancing. While size is of great importance, it is not the only thing that matters when looking for a reception. You need to consider other factors to make sure that you and your guests will have a great time at your chosen venue.

Ample Lighting

Consider the time of the event to know the amount of lighting you need. If your wedding is during the day, light coming from the windows can transform the overall feel of the room. If the event is in the evening, however, be sure that the rooms are not too dark, with lighting controls for eating and partying. Victoria Park and other wedding venue providers suggest visiting the location on the same day and time of your event.

View or Feel

Venues with a great view can make the event even more special. A city skyline, a majestic landscape or a beach with clear waters are enough to wow guests and make the wedding unforgettable. If the venue has no exceptional view, you can focus more on the decorations or the architectural details in the room. Choose stunning artworks, furniture pieces, centrepieces and other things that can liven up the venue.


Your venue should not produce too much echo, as it will ruin the sound of the band. It will make it hard for the guest to talk or hear each other, as well. Check the sound quality of the room or visit the venue during an event. This will help you know how your band would sound like on your big day. You may likewise want to add a thick carpet to soften sounds if the floor material is made of wood or tile.

Parking Space

While inadequate parking space is not your biggest concern, it may annoy some guests in finding where to park their vehicles. If the venue doesn’t have a good parking lot, let everyone know of the alternative areas. You can take guests from the wedding ceremony to the reception with a rental vehicle if your budget permits.

Choose a venue that stays true to the theme of your event. Make sure to consider these things and plan for the best layout that can maximise the venue for your big day.