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Better-looking, healthier teeth

December 14, 2017

A lot of people want to improve the positioning of their teeth without having to spend a long time wearing an obtrusive realignment appliance. London dentists, such as Aura Dental, offer a discreet and relatively […]

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4 Ways to Address High Cholesterol Levels

November 12, 2017

People may assume that having high cholesterol level in the blood veins is just dismissible, but it is not. If there is too much cholesterol, it may cause the arteries to harden and narrow, which […]


Post Thrombotic Syndrome: Old and New Treatments

February 15, 2017

Post-thrombotic syndrome is a debilitating disease which no healthcare professional wishes upon a patient. PTS can bring skin changes, leg swelling, leg heaviness, and leg pain. Although the previous symptoms may be mild in some […]


Alzheimer’s Disease and Lifestyle Factors

February 2, 2017

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that affects a person’s memory. Sufferers may not remember familiar people, places, and things, or find it difficult to carry out simple tasks. Most people with this disorder […]


Brush Up: What Your Toothbrush Want You to Know

February 1, 2017

Your toothbrush is a wonderful tool that keeps your teeth clean and cavities at bay. The sad part is this tiny and useful tool usually is neglected until the bristles become frayed. If you don’t […]


Choosing Between Different Types of Braces

January 16, 2017

When choosing between the many different options for teeth straightening available, it can seem like a bewildering choice. Different types of braces have different prices, different maintenance needs, different levels of visibility and different treatment […]


Dental Issues as You Get Older

December 13, 2016

While cavities are more common in kids, this does not mean that adults don’t get them. Those who don’t practice proper oral hygiene can get cavities, as well as gum disease. The truth is, dental […]