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Fun Dental Hygiene Habits for the Little Ones

July 26, 2017

Help your little ones maintain bright and healthy smiles by turning the same old dental hygiene routine into a fun activity. Apart from using dental sealants which says prevent tooth damage, practicing certain habits […]

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Becoming a Reiki Master: The Three Levels of Reiki

December 12, 2016

Reiki is a natural healing method that originated in Japan. It is a technique that focuses on using the energies of your own body to heal and recover from pain. The increasing demand for this holistic […]

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Live a Healthy, Happy & Fulfilling Family Life

November 5, 2016

A healthy, happy, fulfilling life, free of all the distractions and pitfalls that come with modern living. Sounds great, right? Sadly, very few can actually achieve all of those things. But don’t worry, you can […]

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Enemy of the Workplace Number One: Back Pain

September 26, 2016

Whether you are working at the office or at home, back pain can still be your prime enemy. As long as you spend most of your day sitting and facing your computer, this problem will […]

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Whey Okay: Health Benefits of Whey Protein

June 30, 2016

Many people work to make their bodies fit and well-toned through exercise and balanced diet. According to Musashi, not many are aware that consuming whey protein powder can also help one have a healthy and […]

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Foods You Didn’t Know Were Damaging Your Teeth

June 10, 2016

Some people say you are what you eat, and at some point, this may seem apparent in your teeth. Sugary snacks and acidic beverages are the top causes of teeth problems. As these elements attack […]

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Oral Care for a Brighter Smile

April 27, 2016

Having a bright and beautiful smile gives people a more positive outlook in their life. But, crooked teeth, bad oral hygiene, and damaged teeth pull down people’s confidence. Going to the dentist is the best […]