The Bride’s Guide: Wedding Dress Fabric 101

Apart from the venue and the honeymoon, the wedding dress is something you should prepare for in advance. One issue many brides encounter when choosing their dress is the problem of choosing a fabric. Here are the different fabric types to help you out.



Lace is quite common for wedding dresses. It’s an open-weave fabric often used in some parts of the dress. If you have a really good designer, though, you can make lace work for the whole gown. You can buy guipure lace and other fabrics online for this.


Silk dresses can be pricey, but silk has that natural smoothness no other fabric can match. It’s also the most popular choice for wedding gowns.


Silk or rayon can form chiffon, a see-through material that can create great layers for your outfit. Normally, designers would have chiffon adornments that the bride places over other parts of the dress to create a striking accent.


Now this gown will make you shine – literally. It’s made of silk and features intense sheen and smoothness. Duchese satin is actually a mix of rayon and silk.


Tulle is common for veils, as it is netting from either silk or rayon. This can make a romantic accent for your gown.

The fabric is important and it’s the first thing you have to know for your dress. Keep these things in mind when talking to your designer about your outfit on that special day.