How to Break the Internet: 5 Ways to Go Viral

How to Break the InternetThese days, social media sites and even mainstream media are filled with viral videos. These are the videos or articles that came out from nowhere and suddenly became the talk of the town or the topic of conversation across the country.

How then does one go viral? The experts at Zoo SEO offer a few simple tips.

Be funny and inspiring. Studies have shown that anything shocking or out of the ordinary almost always get attention. Whether it is a volcano exploding or a shocking disaster, these subjects get read or viewed instantaneously. But tragedies or anything that creates a negative emotion from the user will mostly likely to be forgotten quickly.

According to the studies, it is the posts that are funny, inspiring or things that give users a positive emotion are more likely to be viewed, and more importantly to be shared. So ditch the rants and any negativity if you want to be Internet famous. Provide good vibes and you’ll more likely to end up a star.

Next, keep it short. If it’s an article, don’t go beyond 600 words. Internet users are just like TV viewers. With so many content available online, it is easy to close the browser and search for something more interesting. If it is a video, don’t take too long to get to the punch line. A guy jumps off a swimming pool board and finds instead of water, a block of ice. End of story. Short, funny and the user can take it in in one easy gulp.

Come up with a catchy title. Of course it goes without saying that you should provide a good title. Lately the phrase, “And you wouldn’t believe what happened next” has become a cliché. The problem with titles such as the one mentioned is that they create too much suspense, but comes with a disappointing pay-off. If you are going to tease the viewers you better make sure that what they are getting is exactly what you promised. Otherwise, compose a title that is short, snappy, and dramatic.

Use social media sites to spread the video or article. Mostly videos are dumped on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and it is in these social media sites where viral videos and items are born. So log on to your account, put it on your timeline or better yet, share it to someone with a list of friends much longer than yours.

Lastly, be unique. Nowadays being beautiful or naked or shocking just doesn’t cut it. You must provide viewers with something they haven’t seen before. Ask the people who have been doing SEO mentoring and they will tell you that being cute will not earn you a million likes. The more you unique, inspiring, and funny your content, the better chances of your video going viral.

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