Arthritis Treatments You Can Do at Home

arthritisAs you age, you may feel discomfort, stiffness or pain in your joints. If untreated, these problems will eventually aggravate, leading to a decrease in range of motion.

If you’ve been having these symptoms for quite some time now, you could be experiencing arthritis, which is the inflammation of joints. If you’re inactive as you grow older, you can be a likely candidate, but this disorder can also be triggered by underlying conditions such as lupus or psoriasis.

For a complete treatment, it is highly suggested to visit osteopathic doctors in Illinois such as those from Health Solutions. When at home, on the other hand, follow these tips to remedy the pain:

Hot and cold treatment

Taking a warm bath in the morning can help loosen your joints. Heat pads can also help if you feel stiffness at night. For inflammation or swelling, cold compress is best for relief. Moreover, swim regularly as it improves flexibility and the strength of your hips and knees.

Do yoga

Arthritis interferes with your range of motion, but if you practice yoga regularly, you can be more flexible because of the stretches and movements.

Change your lifestyle

Your arthritis can flare up when you drink alcohol, smoke tobacco and eat fried or processed foods. Eliminate these from your lifestyle and replace them with exercise, fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also brew a cup of chamomile tea for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Lose weight

The heavier you are, the more pressure you’ll put on your feet, hips and knees. So if you want your movements to be more agile without putting too much stress on your joints, go for a healthy weight-loss diet.

Learn to meditate

Meditation is known for its healing effects. Practicing it daily to achieve mindfulness can help you cope with stress. And when you eliminate stress, the inflammation will subside, and you will feel less pain.

If the symptoms persist, you should visit a doctor. He or she may be able to advise you on what to do.