‘Art’ to Heart Instruction: Teaching Arts to Elementary Students

art paintingArts is one subject that should be emphasized in elementary education. Through this course, students learn how to express themselves, which is important in developing their individuality. On the teacher’s end, however, teaching this subject can be difficult, especially if the students have no natural affinity for shapes and colours.

If you want to engage your students in your art lessons and help them become creative individuals, you need to change some aspects of your lesson plan. Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

Be Specific with Your Objectives

For each lesson, you need to map out your objectives specifically. Remember, the type of activity you will initiate will depend on these. A good objective describes a certain skill. It’s easy to standardise, and it encourages children to come out of their shell and participate in class. Check out school resources for arts to find some techniques on how you can align your objectives to the learning curve of your students.

Be Inventive with the Activities

The activities, as mentioned, should be in line with your objectives. If your lesson is to experience the difference between impressionist art and abstract art, you will have to let them hold their own brush and watch them differentiate brush strokes and the uses of shades. If your topic is about critique, you should allow them to group themselves and discuss each other’s work.

Don’t Forget the Assessment

Assessment is important in gauging whether the students have learned anything in your class. Set some criteria to be fair and objective to everyone. You may initiate a quiz or start a group project where they can apply what they’ve learned.

Teaching arts is quite difficult, as you will have to work on engaging your students first before feeding them with technical knowledge. But, you can make this a bit easier if you change your approach and keep it in line with the students’ interest and learning curve.

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