An Expert Guide on Buying Vehicle Air Suspension Systems

Mechanic Examining Car Suspension SystemAir suspension systems, also called air bags or air springs, were traditionally used in heavy-duty trucks but are currently common in mainstream cars. These can be adjusted according to your specific load.

Whether you settle for new or used car parts in Auckland, make sure you deal only with an authorised seller. You can enlist the services of your trusted mechanic to verify the authenticity of the spare parts.

Here are the different types of air suspension systems to help you make a good choice.

Bellow Air Springs

These are made from reinforced heavy-duty rubber configured to a single or multiple convoluted chambers. They are larger in size compared to sleeve air bags, and their design allows them to be deflated and inflated to the user’s desired firmness. This gives them the ability to lift larger loads at low pressures. Bellow air springs are ideal for heavy-duty trucks, trailers and tow trucks.

Sleeve Air Springs

These cylindrical springs have a lesser diameter than bellow air bags. They are built using heavy-duty or reinforced synthetic rubber compounds. Sleeve air bags are primarily designed for adjusting a vehicle’s height and lifting light loads. They are ideal for track cars and light-duty trucks.

Coil Spring Air Springs

These air bags are fitted in factory-installed coil springs. Their primary goal is to provide extra support to your vehicle’s springs and distribute weight evenly. With additional weight, the springs crush down and cushion your springs. Cars without coil spring air bags typically bow down under any extra weight.

Air springs solve most of the issues related to hauling and towing. They eliminate squat and poor headlight aim. They provide more control for your vehicle and a smoother ride as your car absorbs bumps more efficiently. They are also the answer to poor steering and braking.