Algomi Review: Products for the Buy-Side and Sell-Side

Algomi’s software is changing the way traders on both the buy-side and sell-side of fixed income trading do business. The company offers a catalogue of products to both sides of the trading world to help provide information to improve the traders’ decision making.

In this Algomi review, we reveal that Algomi uses cutting-edge advances in computing technology and even artificial intelligence to solve industry problems.

Software like Honeycomb, Synchronicity and newly acquired Algomi ALFA are available from Algomi. All of Algomi’s systems work together, sharing data anonymously to improve the user experience on both sides of the trading world.

Products for the buy-side

For the buy-side traders, Algomi offers two different programs. Honeycomb is a system built for portfolio managers, execution desks and compliance teams.

For traders there are has always been a problem analysing data. Traders have access to huge amounts of data that can usually seem incomprehensible. Honeycomb helps the trader interpret these huge sets of data and turn it into actionable knowledge.

The data comes from numerous sell-side sources and is aggregated and displayed in a visually appealing, intuitive way.

The other system for buy-side traders was recently acquired by Algomi from AllianceBernstein. Algomi ALFA is a liquidity analytics tool that helps traders spot pools of liquidity.

The system is designed for use by quants, execution traders, portfolio managers and compliance professionals. ALFA allows the trader to spot pools of liquidity by aggregating the whole bond market onto one screen.

Products for the sell-side

Next in this Algomi review are the products for the sell-side of fixed-income trading. Synchronicity is Algomi’s system for banks. It allows the bank to connect to a large network of traders and salespeople. Synchronicity uses the traders and salespeople’s data to get information on the best trade opportunities.

This software also helps to foster an efficient collaboration between investors.

Algomi has recently been developing Euronext’s pan-European marketplace with a system called Euronext Synapse, which allows the user to unlock new liquidity opportunities.

Algomi is a company on the up and up, so stay tuned for more news and the occasional Algomi review.