SG’s Cultural Scene: A Glimpse of the Lion City’s Art, Drama, and Music

LionSingapore has a unique charm that draws millions of tourists on a yearly basis. The city-state never seems to run out of interesting places to visit, regardless of the season. For those who are yet to see the beauty of the Lion City, it can be quite a curious matter as to why a lot of people visit such a small island.

Now, there are many things that make Singapore a tourist hot spot. But among these, what stands out is the city-state’s thriving cultural scene. Here’s a quick glimpse of Singapore’s art, drama, and music.


Artistry is limitless in Singapore. The Lion City is home to many museums that feature masterpieces from well-known and up-and-coming artists.

The MAD Museum of Art & Design, for instance, banks on contemporary art as its claim to fame. There is also the National Museum of Singapore, which is home to 12 national treasures. When art is what you want to see, the Lion City is certainly for you.


The theatre scene in Singapore is thriving, too. Dubbed as the “Broadway of Asia,” the Lion City features charming takes on Broadway hits and other theatre classics. There are performances for kids as well; most notably, the Wings of Time, a nightly show on Sentosa Island. Local theatres also showcase homegrown plays, as well as experimental performances that will tickle the Shakespeare in every tourist.


We all know Singapore to be a diverse place, but this goes beyond the population. The city-state’s music scene also features a rich diversity, from traditional Chinese, Indian, and Malay music to popular Western tunes. There are even venues where tourists can enjoy performances of classical music. For the electronica fans, Singapore is also the host of 2015’s Future Music Festival Asia.

The cultural scene is one of the reasons tourists flock to Singapore all-year round. It is because of its thriving and vibrant art, theatre, and music scene that it continues to be a hot destination for people from all over the world.

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