5 Fun Gift Suggestions for Your Music Lover

DrummerThere’s a significant share of music lovers in the world. And perhaps one or two have found a place in your life. Wherever they are, these people can control the way their day goes simply through a music player and a portable wireless outdoor speaker. They are fun and creative people who can easily find joy in anything music-related.

If you have a music lover in your life who’s celebrating his special day, you can make it unforgettable with these five fun gift ideas.

A Table Top Jukebox

No, it doesn’t need any money to play music. This design can hook up to his iPod or can play anything from his CD collection. It’s a stylish, throw-back gadget that can work with his modern music playing devices.

A Play-Anywhere Turntable

This turntable comes in a convenient hard case that he can bring anywhere he goes along with his vinyl records of choice. It also functions as an mp3 player for those who want to plug in.

An Ottoman Speaker

One of the best ways to relax after a long days work is to sit back in your favorite chair with your eyes closed, raise your feet, and just let your favorite band soothe your soul. What better way for him to achieve this treatment but with an ottoman speaker.

A Mixed Tape Doormat You Can Personalize

Remember those mixed tapes you used to give each other? This time you can leave it at his doorstep, literally. This doormat has the design of an oversized mixed tape that he can still personalize with his family name to make it seem like it’s his band’s album.

Vinyl Record Coasters

This time making things smaller, these coasters with designs of vintage vinyl records of his favorite bands will put a touch of his musical soul in his table setting.

Choose a gift that will best suit his musical lifestyle by matching it with his favorite genre, artist, or musical era. Make sure it’s something he can use so he can always remember the person who gave it to him.