4 Ways to Improve Your Veterinary Clinic Inventory

Teen boy takes his dog to the veterinarianDealing with daily inventories is nothing new for veterinarians. From medicines and pet products to client records and other important documents, you need to find better ways to manage your inventory. Having an efficient system in your pet clinic is important to ensure a smooth and organized operation.

Consider the following steps to avoid any dispute from your clients and your staff:

Grouping Your Products Accordingly

Organize pet care products, such as food, vitamins, medicines, and other essentials by grouping them accordingly. Use designated racks or storage space for each category. For example, you can group the pet food according to size or age requirement, ingredient base (grain-free or not), or breed type.

For medicines and commonly used apparatus, it’s best to use veterinary prescription labels. This is to provide more valuable information to your staff and your clients.

Choosing a Dedicated Distributor

Having a single distributor should make it easier for you to manage inventories. The problem with having too many suppliers is you need to keep track of different delivery dates. You need to make multiple adjustments to your inventory schedule. This often leads to inaccurate or inconsistent inventory reports.

In addition, you can get bigger discounts for having a single major distributor. Some suppliers usually offer big package deals to their valued loyal customers.

Making it a Designated Role

Inventory management is important to any business. Any dispute or miscalculation can have a great impact on your operations. As much as possible, there should be at least two dedicated people working on the inventories to avoid discrepancies when you check the report.

Checking Your Order List

It’s advisable to always check the order list before sending it to your supplier. Compare the current list to the previous ones. This allows you to determine the top-selling products and finalize the list.

Inventory management is all about consistency with your routine. Take note that this business process is one of the main keys to your veterinary clinic’s success.