4 Easy Fixes to Protect Your Home from Mosquitoes

Mosquito Sucking BloodMosquitoes commonly thrive in stagnant water, so eliminating any water trapped in containers can give them nowhere to hide. Although most homeowners prefer hiring pest control experts to keep mosquitoes at bay, you too can do your own part to prevent them from thriving. New England pest control experts share a few easy steps you can take:

1. Pond mosquito control

If you have a pond or any still body of water in your property, one great thing to do is to place a few mosquito-eating fish there. A single mosquitofish, known as Gambusia affinis, can consume at least 200 mosquito larvae in an hour.

2. Cover rainwater barrels

Having rainwater barrels can help you save a few extra bucks from your water bill. However, these barrels may also be the perfect haven for mosquitoes. So, make sure to cover them with fine mesh fabric to prevent mosquitoes from getting through the barrels.

3. Clean empty containers

You also have to clean up any empty containers or debris where water can get trapped. You may also want to trim grasses, which may cause water to get clogged so that there won’t be any place for the mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

4. Check your garden

See if any of your flowerpots, garden ornaments, or even paving stones have a tendency to collect water. Also, check if the potted plants have holes to encourage good drainage. Not only will it help with properly maintaining your plants, but also prevent mosquitoes from thriving.

Properly maintaining your property is a great way to help prevent mosquitoes or any other pest from thriving. You may want to call a pest control expert if you feel that things are already getting out of hand.