4 Dusting Tips for a Sparkling House

A cleaner workingThe one thing many people dislike more than dust is having to do the dusting themselves. As there’s no way around this chore, except perhaps having a reliable janitorial services agency in Sandy to help out, it pays to know how to do it well. Here are four dusting secrets you’ll love:

Use the right tools

There’s a common misconception among that feather dusters are great for dusting. If you’ve been using it, then you may have noticed that it makes the job even harder. That’s because a feather duster only spreads dust from one surface to the next. Use a soft damp cloth instead, as it’s more effective in capturing dust. An electrostatic and a microfiber duster are great tools for dusting, too.

Remove items from the area you want to dust

As you already know, you’re about to get down to deep cleaning. Remove every item in the area you intend to dust. Yes, every one of them except the ones you can’t easily move, like heavy furniture. Doing so allows you to do a thorough job.

Follow the right direction

Dust from top to bottom. This way, you avoid having to dust lower surfaces twice. Dust all the four corners of the house, including the moldings, working in a clockwise direction so every area is covered. Moreover, the dust you clean from surfaces ends up on the floor. It’s best to vacuum as soon as you are through dusting every surface in your house. The result? A sparkling, clean living space.

Dusting may not be fun, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be easier. By using the right tools and routine, you can get the job efficiently done every time you get down to it.