3 Things You Must Know Before Travelling to Singapore

Singapore TripDid you know that Singapore is both a country and a city? It is also the most expensive city in the world. While Singapore was once a strictly business destination, it has evolved in the last decade into a strong contender for one of the best tourist destinations to visit.

Food plays a key role in Singaporean culture, and it is a widely known fact that eating in Singapore is a national pastime. Refer to a comprehensive food guide as you prepare for your trip. The key things you must know before you leave for this state include:


The local community has its own English slang known as Singlish, which is a mixture of English, Chinese, and Malay. The reason is that the population of Singapore is 74.3% Chinese and 13.4% Malay. However, Singapore has strict anti-sharing culture, and Airbnb type of rentals are illegal. Therefore, it would make sense to check out available hotels before your trip.


It is illegal to chew gum in Singapore unless it is nicotine or dental gum, which can only be found in pharmacies. You will need a prescription to buy the gum. Heavy taxes are imposed on alcohol and cigarettes, which makes these habits extremely expensive to maintain.


The weather is extremely humid, so pack lots of light, breathable clothes. It is occasionally marred by forest fires when it gets too hot, making the entire city smoggy. Hence, do not be alarmed by the smoke-filled air as it is a common occurrence.

Although Singapore is a small country, there are plenty of tourist attractions and activities that you can engage in. Having prior knowledge will not only enable you to prepare for your trip but also compile a list of things to see and do while in the city.