3 Things That Could Be Causing Your Child’s Anxiety

Child covering her faceDo you know that one in four children aged 13 and 18 years old suffer from childhood anxiety? If you leave an anxiety disorder undiagnosed and unaddressed, it could have life-long consequences that can largely affect the quality of life of your children.

Here are three possible reasons why your child might be anxious and how to help them address it.

Crooked Teeth

As an adult, crooked teeth can be very embarrassing. Now, can you imagine how a child might feel if he or she has crooked teeth and other visible teeth problems? Children can be mean and young people who have teeth problems can also suffer from social awkwardness that can lead them to become isolated, shy, and even afraid to smile.

This could even result in social phobia that can have lifelong consequences on your children. That’s why if your child has teeth alignment problems, address them now and look for Invisalign treatments in Medford soon.

Upcoming Tests

Children, especially those who are not doing so well in school, often associate tests with fear of failure. There are many factors linked to it, include the lack of preparation and history of poor test results.

This can lead your child to feel more anxious during tests weeks and even become so afraid that they can’t function well.

You can help your child deal with the fear of failure through relaxation exercises and cognitive therapy.


PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder. If your child experienced a life-threatening event, he or she could develop PTSD. Some symptoms include irritability, sleep pattern changes, inability to concentrate, and more. Some of the patients can experience some mental flashbacks that can affect their quality of life.

Dealing with Anxious Children

Anxiety is part of life, but if left untreated or unaddressed, it can prevent your child from enjoying his or her life. It’s advisable that you seek professional help if you notice that your child could be more anxious than normal.