3 Reasons to Use Stainless Steel for Pipes & Pipe Fittings

Plumber working on pipeEvery day you pass by automobiles, shelter under structures, and even use appliances of stainless steel. But, have you ever stopped and pondered why this material finds everyday use in many various industrial pipework applications? Probably not.

With over 5.3 million tonnes of steel in production yearly in Australia, there is no doubt that this material is used extensively. But it is not just enough motivation to consider it for your business’ use.

Here are three reasons why stainless steel pipe fittings and other similar products attract numerous applications:


Steel pipes can be thinner than other materials. Thus, steel pipes can carry a higher capacity if it retains the same dimensions. The use of fewer materials makes the cost of steel pipes lower, without compromising on its structural strength. Steel is versatile such that you can bend it to fit any space. Therefore, you can get valves, joints, and other fittings either for repair or replacement.


Stainless steel is not prone to rotting and is safe for underground uses. It is also not susceptible to pests, and pesticides, and you do not need to treat it before using it. Steel is non-combustible and cannot catch fire in the event of one. Therefore, constructors prefer using steel pipe in constructing buildings due to the resistance against heavy loads, and harsh winds.

Structural Stability

Stainless steel pipe comes in different shapes to fit various applications. Its walls can be of different diameters and thicknesses to offer your particular the strength requirements. The various forms are stable in all applications and can support heavy loads, therefore useful in constructional projects.

It is no doubt that stainless steel pipe is in use in many applications. But, how quality the product you will get will be will highly depend on the steel manufacturer. Therefore, contact a reliable supplier of stainless steel pipe to enjoy the above benefits.