3 Essential Tools for a Hair Cutting Student

Hair cutting studentHair cutting school is tough enough as it is without having the right equipment to help you get the perfect cut. Here are some of the tools you will need to get used to even as you enroll in the school.

Swivel Scissors

Swivel scissors in hair cutting are like the Cadillac of tools, giving you a wide range of angles to work in without causing damage or strain on your wrists. It is one of those tools you would want to get used to even before you start school.

More importantly, swivel scissors are deeply personal. This means that you will have to break them in and once you get used to a specific pair, you will be sticking to that one for a long time.


You are going to need a good-blow dryer regardless of the hair type of the client. A good-blow dryer will provide you with multiple heat settings or even a cool setting, depending on the type of hair you are working with.

Much like swivel scissors, it takes some getting used to when using a blow-dryer, so this deeply personal tool should be part of your personal pack.

Flat Iron

Again, there is a rhythm to using flat irons, which is why most hair stylists prefer to use their own tools for the job. Varying temperatures can mean leaving the flat iron too long or too short a time, therefore resulting in a bad hair job.

Make sure you and your flat iron know each other very well, so that timing and the length of its use will not be a problem.

Of course, those are just a few of the things you will need in your bag as you practice your hair cutting techniques. Remember though that more than anything, you have to listen to the client and know what cut gives them the most confidence.