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Replacing Your Door: Avoid These Homeowner Mistakes

Brown DoorA door is one of the most important features of a household. It provides functionality and security to your home and your family. As a responsible homeowner, don’t wait until your door shows signs of wear and tear before you actually consider a replacement. But take note that you should always observe extra care when doing the job. Here are some door replacement mistakes which you should avoid:

  • Buying the cheapest door replacement

Your family’s security is at stake, so why opt for the cheapest brand if you can afford the pricier one? Just make sure the brand is as effective as the one you are replacing.

  • Choosing off-brand replacement

If you buy the off-brand product, you might end up having a hard time looking for replacement parts in the future. Choose the brand that most consumers patronize.

  • Doing the job yourself     

There are home improvements that you can do yourself, but door replacement is not one of them. An incorrectly installed door might not do its function properly, so Uber Doors believes it would be wise to leave the job to door replacement contractors. They have the skills to do the task for you.

  • Failure to ensure an even reveal

The door will swing if the wall is out of plumb; uneven reveals will build pressure through the years resulting to warped or bent doors. Make sure the reveals are parallel for proper operation and long lifespan. For a better result, you need to shim the door.

  • Not using the right hinge screws

The door won’t shut if you use too small screws. Additionally, it will warp when you improperly tighten the screws. Hence, you need to use the right ones to keep the door stable.

A door is your portal to the outside world. Its prompt repair is a critical part of maintaining your home. For best results, it is much better to trust the experts.

3 Things that Make Video Production Expensive

Video Productions in MinnesotaVideos help sell things, but at an expensive cost. Before you start haggling a producer, understand the expenses behind the scenes. Whether it’s a short clip or a bunch of Minnesota corporate videos, the financial investment that videographers make in order to start filming is not cheap.

Cameras and equipment

If you want real footage, then be prepared to spend some money. Videographers at share that most of the cash is invested in equipment. A single professional DSLR camera costs thousands of dollars on the body alone; this would double or even triple when lenses are added to the equation. Other forms of equipment for lighting would cost another mound of cash, which goes to say that to get sharp and quality clips, a few dollars is not going to be enough.

Software and editing

To get the video clips stitched together and rendered at high quality, a powerful computer would be needed. In most cases, iMacs are the preferred choice and they are not cheap. Adding the price of the software to be used, this section of the investment would also require a lot of money.


One man behind the camera is not going to cut it. If you want quality shots, you are going to need multiple people behind various cameras. Also, personnel handling the lights and managing other factors would add to the population. With their set of skills, their fees are also not going to be cheap.

The next time you get charged with a huge chunk of money for a short video clip, remember all the investment the producers have to make for the shooting to be even possible. Though, at the end of the day, a professionally captured video will portray everything that is needed. Before you know it, people now want something they once thought they never needed.

Australia’s Regulatory Bodies for Safe Food and Packaged Ice

Packaged Ice

Packaged Ice in TaurangaIce is a type of food. This is especially true for restaurants and food regulatory bodies such as the FDA. Hence like other food types, its preparation, handling and packaging have to meet the country’s regulatory standards.


In Australia and New Zealand, FSANZ or Food Standards Australia New Zealand oversees the food businesses. Like the FDA, it requires packaged ice to be produced according to its current food safety practises and general requirements.

The guidelines specify process control requirements which can be divided into these groups.

  • Food receipt, storage, processing, display, packaging, disposal and recall of food
  • Food handlers including supervisors in relation to skills and knowledge, health and hygiene
  • Cleaning, sanitising, and maintenance of premises and equipment

With a site in New Zealand, PIAA (Packaged Ice Association of Australasia) is an organization that sets guidelines for practices and procedures involving ice. Its guidelines are voluntarily made, making it applicable only to its members. The regulatory body can use it to enforce among non-PIAA members.

PIAA’s code of practice applies to the same areas specified in FSANZ guidelines with the addition of pest control. Hence the following areas of consideration:

  • Structural/Maintenance (Premises)
  • Operational/Manufacturing Practises (Process Control)
  • Personal Hygiene (Health and Hygiene)
  • Cleaning & Sanitising
  • Pest Control
  • Records (Food Receipt)
  • Training (Skills and Knowledge)

PIAA’s standards are more specific to ice with regard to its use in food businesses. As such, “this code (according to PIAA) is read in conjunction but not in contravention of the food safety code within the relevant state.” Since it is only recommendations, it does not replace HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) accreditation. Its purpose is to help members achieve a commonly acceptable standard of plant operation and to provide documentation to assist business practise.

These regulations apply to all food businesses and food handlers in the country that if complied with, will ensure food safety. After all, packaged “ice is defined in PIAA as ice for human consumption which has been packaged for sale.”

4 Reasons Why Invest in Home Security Cameras

Home Security Cameras in United StatesWith the growing disparity in wealth distribution in today’s major economic societies, it is inevitable that crimes against property are committed. In fact, every second in the United States, at least, six homes are being broken into. As such, the need for home security systems has never been more important than today’s concerns for home security.

If you have not yet installed a security camera for your home, here are the reasons why you should.

Can Deter Crimes

It should be made clear that home security cameras cannot prevent crimes. These can only help deter lawless elements from pursuing their criminal objective. The mere fact that they can see home security camera systems watching their every move can be enough to discourage them from committing the crime.

Provide a Means to Monitor Activities

Even if home security surveillance cameras cannot prevent crime, they do allow you to have a means to monitor the activities in your property’s immediate surroundings. Additionally, if you leave your home and your children in the care of a nanny or caregiver, home security cameras can wirelessly transmit real-time images of what is happening at home so you will know whether a more appropriate action is needed or not.

Provide Documentation or Evidence

In relation to the first, should the perpetrator still decide to break into your house, you will have a record of the incident as well as a digital image of the identity of the perpetrator. This can aid law enforcement agencies in the apprehension of the suspect and the buildup of a criminal case against him. The home security video can be stored either on the Cloud or in physical storage devices which you can use as a record of the incident.

Helps Make the Correct Decisions

If you have a home security camera that wirelessly transmits real-time video feeds and you are able to monitor an activity that requires immediate legal action, you can readily call law enforcement agencies to go to your property to apprehend the perpetrators in the act.

There are other reasons why you simply need to install a home security camera. Of course, the general idea is to improve the overall security of your property as well as ensure the safety of your family.

What Black Mold Really is and Why You Should Fear it

Molds On CeilingDid you know that there are some types of molds that can cause health problems so severe they can result in toxicity? That’s right. One such species is the black mold. They produce and spout off these toxins, or mycotoxins, as a defense mechanism.

Although it depends on the length and severity of exposure, these dangerous compounds may still result in several health issues, such as fatigue, headaches, eye irritation, nausea, and respiratory problems. Although there are some types of molds that may have the same appearance as black molds, appearance alone does not make them the same. Knowing more about these deadly molds will help you avoid serious health hazards from arising.

Types of molds known for producing mycotoxins

Thousands and thousands of molds species exist, but not all of them bring about immediate dangers. There are three common mold species known to produce mycotoxins, though, and these are the ones you have to avoid.

Chaetomium is one of them, and exposure to it can lead to the increased risk of a person developing damages to his/her neurological myelin sheath damages and DNA. Another is Fusarium, which can cause a serious, albeit rare infection known as Fusarium Keratitis. Lastly is Stachybotrys, more commonly referred to as Stachy. These are the black molds considered to bring the greatest health hazards of all mycotoxin-producing molds.

What to do after exposure

When you or anyone in your family exhibits the symptoms mentioned above, and you have seen for yourself mold growing all over your home, it is best you contact your primary healthcare giver right away, AAA Restoration advised. This way, your doctor can properly diagnose and provide the appropriate treatment. Medical professionals can also tell you whether the symptoms are associated with mold, especially black mold exposure.

In the event that it is, contact black mold removal specialists in Salt Lake City right away.


Outdoor Play is the Way to Make Your Child as Happy and Healthy as He can be

Outdoor PlayChildren are so naturally cute, it’s easy to think all of them are going to grow as happy as they can be. One quick look at obesity rates among kids, however, should be enough to douse such wishful thinking. If left to their own device, many of Australia’s kids may suffer from the onslaught of dreaded degenerative diseases when they reach adulthood.

Moduplay says with an outdoor play equipment, you could start your child right – building his body while at the same time enhancing his mental and social skills.

Scary StatisticsUndeniably, Australia is wrestling a ‘fat-problem’.

The Land Down Under has seen the rise of obesity rates as the consumption of junk foods has increased.

Unlike adults, youngsters can hardly decide for themselves. With 1 in every 4 Australian children considered either overweight or obese, it’s really alarming.

Being overweight or obese has been considered as the second highest contributor to the cause of heart problems and other degenerative diseases (e.g., cancer). Bad dietary decisions are the first.

Total Development for Your Child

Firstly, the right equipment promotes needed exercise for kids. Slides, for instance, provide the legs with the structure to climb upon and exercise in the process. Moreover, bars get those arms and shoulders stretched. In doing so, children get a healthy dose of good-for-the-heart, cardiovascular exercise – something a lot more rewarding than watching TV.

Secondly, being at a playground with dependable play equipment gets children to be in the presence of one another. As your child enjoy playing, he sharpens his social skills – learning to contribute to a group in particular and society in general.

Even better, playing outdoor helps instil confidence in your 4-year-old as he navigates his way through a maze of well-devised play equipment.

When you make it a point to bring him outdoors to play, you prioritise the overall development of your child – not to mention make him as happy as he can be.

That’s the beauty of the right play equipment.

Simple, Natural, and All Cool: Bathrooms of 2016

Modern Bathroom

Modern BathroomBathroom renovations are big investments. To get the most out of your money, it’s important to do some research before you dive in. Apart from finalizing your budget and finding the right contractor, the design also matters. After all, the bathroom is one of your safe havens — might as well make the most out of it.

Finding inspiration for your bathroom can be tricky. To determine which look suits your room best, there’s no better place than starting with the year’s growing trends.

Calm and Cool is the Way

2016 is all about tranquil environments and it’s also a big trend for bathrooms. Warm and bright colors are not an option if you are going for a calm and peaceful look. Instead go for cooler hues like pastel greens and sky blues. Pair these shades with touches of wood colored in crisp white for that uplifting and fresh feel.

Suburban Glass Service, a local glass company, also recommends going for a major glass makeover. Installing shower doors and enclosures paired with metallic accents gives your bathroom a sophisticated and edgier look.

Tile Patterns: The More Creative, the Better

Geometric and patterned tiles have always been popular, but 2016 promises a twist in tile tastes. Basic tiles might make a comeback but this time, patterns will also be big. The desire to resurrect dying trends will result in timeless tiles laid in unusual patterns for a one-of-a-kind appeal.

Unsure of the pattern to use? Classic herringbone designs give your bathroom a dose of chic and glamor. Windmill and basket weave designs are also fun additions to a bathroom.

Natural Look for a Metropolitan Bathroom

Surprisingly, wood isn’t the only natural material trending this year. Other earthy materials (e.g. river rocks and natural stone) would make great additions to your vanity tops, walls, sinks, furniture, and baths.

Today’s designers are all for embracing nature and decorating with contrasting minerals. To bring out a more natural look in the bathroom, designers suggest kiln-fired ceramics or stone sinks rather than the standard porcelain.

2016 promises numerous renovation trends for your bathroom. Take these into consideration and figure out which trends you’ll adopt this year.

Hiring a Construction General Contractor vs. a Subcontractor

Hiring a Contractor in WyomingBuilding a home or any other structure requires comprehensive and extensive knowledge and experience. You most likely do not have any idea of the most important elements of construction work like architectural design, zoning laws, building regulations, as well as basic, advanced, and green building. This is where hiring a construction general contractor in Wyoming comes into play.

The thing that you may have noticed, though, is that subcontractors conduct most of the physical labor part of the construction process. So why not hire them directly instead of a general contractor?


Arguably the most important benefit of hiring a general contractor over working directly with subcontractors is supervision. General contractors act as the strict supervisors of the people they employ, including subcontractors.

Their job is to find, negotiate, and develop proper scheduling for all the subcontractors (including the builders, designers, and material suppliers) necessary for the project completion. They also make sure that every person involved in the building process have clean records and extensive experience.

Trade Knowledge

Because reputable contractors know the ins and outs of construction, they know which subcontractors are doing a great job from those that are not. As a regular consumer, you do not have this trained eye, and working directly with subcontractors may lead to your home constructed not the way you want it.

Understanding of Building Codes and State Regulations

General contractors for construction like have a complete understanding of all the building codes, state regulations, and zoning conditions in all parts of Wyoming. Some subcontractors may bypass these strict laws, leading to the home construction process yielding problems with the authorities.

All in all, you need to understand the main difference between working with a general contractor from subcontractors, as you want your home built exactly the way you want it. It is an extra expense, but a worthy one nonetheless.

Few Reminders before Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate in Salt Lake CitySo, you have seen the bright opportunities in real estate. Now, you must be looking for properties for potential investments throughUtah’s multiple listing services. Don’t be too overwhelmed by the ads saying you’ll earn instant profits. Just like any other investment, it takes a lot of knowledge and effort to reach your goals. So, if you’re really serious about this venture, take some time to read the guidelines:

Evaluate your financial capacity

Before you apply for bank loans or any financial aid, it’s best to assess your financial status. Do you have personal savings? How much is your monthly salary? Do you have other sources of income? How are you going to pay for your debts? However, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Stay optimistic with your goals, but you have to be realistic with your budget at the same time. As long as you have a stable income or a good employment history, getting your loan approved won’t be a problem.

Get a pre-approval

Find a reputable property manager or a licensed broker to assess your loan application. This is your safest bet when investing in real estate. It shall give you leverage on properties you can really afford. They should also give you information about the flat rate fee for realtors in Salt Lake City.  As much as possible, do not apply for multiple pre-approvals. Lending companies can mark a red flag, making it more difficult for you to get your loan application approved.

Set your goals

By now you should know what you want to achieve. Mark your calendar and set a milestone to see how you progress. Plan accordingly. For example, if you want to boost your profits or retire your investments within a year, then start building a 1-year plan. Consult a financial advisor, if necessary. This should help you improve your strategy and reach your objectives.

These are just some of the things to consider when investing in real estate. Remember, consistency is the main key to success.

Top Three Things to Have on Your Home Buying List

New Home in Salt Lake CityChoosing new homes in Salt Lake City entails careful thought. It is a major investment, so you should not make any hasty decisions. Presuming you find a good location, you should get a home inspection before considering a property for your short list. However, you should also check some things that may not be in an inspection report. outlines the top three factors that should be on your checklist:


Try walking from the indoors to the outdoors, and vice versa. It should be easy and comfortable, as you will be doing that every day. The type of doors can affect the flow of movement considerably. If you need the flow to be easy, consider French doors. You should also consider the flow inside the home. An open floor plan may be the best option if you like the seamless experience.


If the lot is not flat, you need to check how severe the grade is. If the slope is steep, find out which direction it is going. It can be a problem when it rains if the home is on a downward slope. It could lead to damp or flooded basements, or problems with molds. A steep grade can also affect landscaping, potentials for expansion, and installations of other amenities, such as swimming pools.


You want your new home to let in as much natural light and airflow as possible, so it is important to have many windows. Check if the windows are facing the right direction to let in the best kind of sunlight, as well as airflow. Windows should face south as much as possible. This is an important consideration because re-orienting your windows involves a major remodel.

Most people that look for new homes in Salt Lake City would rarely think about these three things. If you want to keep any remodeling to a minimum, you should put these factors in your priority list.