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Mozart was Right On: Music Heals, and Dancing Even More

Healing Music

Healing MusicEver wondered why health buffs always carry music around? Evidently, it could come in the form of an iPod or a smartphone, a nifty companion while doing their exercise routine. Where the master goes, the tool follows, be it the treadmill, a walk or a run through the trail. And by the looks of it, music and health are inseparable twins – and now science itself lends credence to this practice.

Recent developments in science has extolled not only the mood-changing ability of music, but its therapeutic ability as well. Music heals, and dancing to the groove could be the most enjoyable way to wellness.

Healing Music

It must have been one of the stories of the Arabian Nights that foretold of how therapeutic music can be via a tale of magical bird that can heal by its song. Sweating it out to the beat of the drums akin to African natives can certainly be liberating.

Today, it’s not just the vigor of ballroom or that of Zumba that makes music therapeutic. Music by itself heals, and the scientific community agrees.

Powerful Tones

Scientific American points out that treatments using rhythm, beat and melody administered in the form of melodic intonation therapy has been successful in giving back the power of speech to Laurel, a lady who lost her ability to vocalize while young. With the healing power of music, Laurel was able to tap on undamaged regions of her brain and slowly she found her way back to language.

On a more serious note, scientists are experimenting in using the power of music to put sanity back into schizophrenic patients. Futurologists even claim that we would have a future where the songs of Mozart and Beethoven would be standard issue in hospitals.

Peaking Interest

Interestingly, this recent development should add momentum to the booming business of dance. In fact, The Studio Director has already noticed that enrolments are rising so fast that many ballroom dance facilities now utilize ballroom dance studio software to manage their businesses properly. Before this surge, enrollments are at an all-time low, but spurred by word-of-mouth (and viral topics on social media), dance and music lessons are peaking, necessitating some kind of automated tool to keep track of applications and schedules.

While it is a long way for music to be orthodox treatment, the power of music (and dance) is undeniable. After all, even generals use music to go to war – so why not use music to marshal your own body’s defenses?

No More Blurry Vision: How Laser Surgery Can Correct Your Eyesight

Correcting Your Eyesight

Correcting Your EyesightOver the past few years, vision problems have become increasingly common. Along with this, the demand for reading glasses, contact lenses and other visual corrective tools began to rise.

As years pass, medical practitioners have developed more treatments and solutions to find the most convenient and effective tool for correcting visual defects. One of the most advanced procedures to treat vision problems is laser eye surgery (LASIK).

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is a medical procedure for correcting certain visual defects such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. The Australian Institute of Eye Surgery explains the procedure as “a combination of two techniques”. The procedure involves reshaping a portion of the cornea to form normal configuration for the eyes. The goal is for the corneal surface to achieve correct vision.

What are the Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery?

More people are starting to undergo laser eye surgery because of its different benefits. The procedure has a high success rate in treating visual defects. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people achieved the normal 20/20 eye vision after undergoing the procedure.

This surgery also provides immediate effects. In most of the cases, normal vision is restored on either the day itself or one day after the surgery. Some ophthalmologists say that you can resume to your normal activities at least a day after the procedure.

Laser eye surgery may provide a long-term solution to blurred eyesight. After undergoing the procedure, most patients no longer need corrective glasses or contact lenses to improve their vision. Ophthalmologists also explain the eye will have fully adjusted to the corrective changes three months after the procedure. This means no follow-up surgeries are required to fix your vision.

The Bottom Line

Laser eye surgery provides a safe and efficient solution for your vision problems. With this treatment, you may soon say goodbye to those corrective glasses or contact lenses.

Two Main Options in Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power PlantSimilar to employees, nuclear power plants are subject for retirement from service; this process is called decommissioning. As dangerous as nuclear waste materials are, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) ensures the safety of the process by establishing standard regulations and associated guidance.

Decommissioning service providers use innovative programs and facilities. The agents from Energy Solutions mention that this is “to safely and cost-effectively meet the decommissioning and waste management challenges for every project.” Most companies that operate nuclear power plants have two main options in decommissioning their facilities: SAFSTOR and DECON.

Decaying Radioactive Elements through Time

SAFSTOR or Safe Storage is the process wherein operators keep the nuclear plant intact and place it in protective storage for as long as 60 years. All components remain in place during this duration, from the reactor vessel and fuel pools to the turbine and other elements.

Part of this process is removing fuel from the reactor vessel and placing it on on-site fuel pools. SAFSTOR utilizes time as a principal decontaminating agent that decays the components’ radioactive elements to stable elements. This process mostly serves as an initial step to the DECON phase.

Keeping the Operators Safe

DECON or Decontamination, on the other hand, starts with the removal of contaminated materials and equipment. Through this preliminary step, operators remove over 99% of the site’s radioactivity present in nuclear fuel rods and apparatuses. This lowers potential radiation exposure of operators during the process.

Companies can skip the SAFSTOR option, but not the DECON. At some point in the decommissioning process, all sites must undergo the decontamination phase, which often takes at least five years. For both SAFSTOR and DECON, nuclear power plants can choose the most suitable method and time.

Decommissioning hazardous sites such as nuclear power plants proves to be a daunting and dangerous task. But with the SAFSTOR and DECON options, as well as using innovative programs and facilities, companies can ensure the safety and efficiency of the process.

Business Planning: Is Your Pricing Right?

business planning

business planningOne of the key factors that business owners should keep in mind is how they should price their products reasonably. When the price is too high, customer will look for other businesses offering the same product at a lower cost. When the price of the product is too low, the business might not profit from it.

To ensure you are pricing your products right, here are some ideas to ponder on:

  1. Identify your market.

Determine your target market to get an idea of customer profiles. Research on the amount consumers are willing to pay for different products. You may put up a survey online to find out how much customers usually spend on specific products.

  1. Establish a pricing strategy.

You can better handle the costs and increase your profitability if you have a pricing strategy. One of the most effective strategies is competitive pricing. You need to monitor the product prices of competitors and use this as a basis for your pricing.

  1. Know your business costs.

It is important to know how much you would be spending for your business, so you can devise a strategy to recover the costs. Determine the mark-up for the product and the amount you need to sell to gain profit. Make a list of your monthly costs—this should include the actual product costs, expenses for the raw materials and equipment used for production, the labor costs, and the marketing expenses.

  1. Determine your target business income.

Be clear on how much profit you want to earn and save up within a specific period. Your entire strategy will depend on your target business income.

  1. Figure out when you need to raise or lower your price.

Monitor your product’s price and the amount of profit you gain regularly. You may ask your customers for feedback regarding your product pricing. Use their comments as basis for potential price adjustments.

Pricing your goods is not a guessing game; you need to put a great deal of thought on this aspect of your business. This will make customers want to buy your product, instead of just ignoring it on the store shelves.

What Do You Need to Prove Medical Malpractice?

Evidence of Malpractice in United States

Evidence of Malpractice in United StatesAdequate access to medical care is a basic human right, which is why governments implement healthcare policies for citizens. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the same degree of treatment. This is especially true for those serving jail time.

The lack of medical attention in jails causes injuries and sometimes, early death, among prisoners. What’s more, the costs for the damages put a heavier burden on the families. In response, the government made amendments to the law to accommodate inmates.

What the law says about it

Noll Law Office says that the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution is violated when prison officials display “deliberate indifference to serious medical needs of prisoners.” Legal avenues are available if your loved one is a prisoner and victim of medical malpractice. Here are things that will help your claim:

Establish a doctor-patient relationship

Some patients get treatment or medical advice from doctors who are indirectly working on them, causing the courts to easily dismiss claims. Inmates should prove in writing that they are regular patients of the healthcare employee who committed the medical malpractice.

Evidence of malpractice

There should be a documented evidence of medical malpractice. The evidence should prove that a healthcare professional gave the wrong dosage, diagnosis, or medication. Failure to diagnose, treat, or warn the patient of risks are also forms of neglect.

Citing the healthcare professional as the cause

Anything can happen during the trial. Defendants may blame faulty instruments or natural causes. The evidence should, “beyond reasonable doubt”, point to the healthcare employee as the source of the damage. Consult a medical expert as a witness to prove that the inmate didn’t receive a medical standard of care from the defendant, which led to physical or financial damages.

Damages due to malpractice

Claimants must establish a direct link between the healthcare professional’s procedures and the resulting damages. These may come in various forms, such as physical pain, mental anguish, additional medical bills or loss of employment.

The law dictates that even prisoners are eligible for adequate healthcare. If the healthcare or the lack of it, causes more harm than help, however, they are also entitled to get compensation under due process of law. The right preparation and a personal injury lawyer will help give your loved one that justice they deserve.

The Clear Benefits of Using Glass Fences and Balustrades

Glass Pool Fence

Glass Pool FenceGlass, as a residential and commercial building material, is becoming more popular because of its functionality. In Perth, for instance, many homeowners are using glass not just as an attractive interior design element, but also as a sturdy alternative to traditional building materials.

If you’re looking for an excellent material for fences and balustrade in and out of your home, glass might be just what you need. Here’s why:

Glass is versatile

Glass can be used in different parts of your house. It works well as an alternative to traditional balustrades and rails. You can use them as balustrades in your staircases and balconies. The material will make the area look sleek and sophisticated. This is the reason many houses with modern interior design incorporate glass elements.

Glass doesn’t hinder views

The clear and see-through characteristic of glass also makes it a good design solution for homes and even commercial properties. For example, it’s the best choice if you want to create a boundary between your deck and garden, but you don’t want to lose the beautiful view of the plants.

Glass is a safe material

Glass products from companies specialising in glass fencing Perth homeowners trust are safe to use as construction material. They are made from thick, sturdy and tempered glass; some are even engineered for industrial purposes. You can rest assured that your new pool fence or balcony balustrade will not break easily and withstand harsh weather elements. On the rare occasion that they break, they don’t make sharp and pointy pieces.

Glass is easy to clean

Unlike most construction materials such as wood and metal, glass is easy to clean and maintain. In most cases, all you need is a clean cloth to wipe off dirt and dust. The smooth surface of glass makes it very difficult for dust to stick, so there’s no need for weekly cleaning.

Professional contractors make sure your glass is properly installed according to the government’s safety guidelines and industry standards. Whether you want frameless glass fence for your pool or a framed balustrade for the stairs, it pays to leave the installation to the experts.

Choosing the Best & Most Appropriate Gate for Your Driveway

Finding the Perfect Gate

Finding the Perfect Gate When concerned about your privacy or you simply want to enhance the curb appeal of your home, pick a gate that will match your needs. Thus, it is necessary to consider several factors before you install gates to your driveway and yard.

The Way You Will Open Your Gate

You have three basic options on how you want your gate to open, explains. Depending on your preference, gates can swing inward (to your property), can swing outward (to the street), or can slide to either the left or right of the gate boundary.

Before you choose a style, consider the slope and elevation of your driveway.

Style of Your Gate

In selecting the perfect fencing system for your home, study the design and structure of your property carefully. To find out the restrictions in your area, it is best to ask and consult a gate or fencing professional. Through their assistance, you can easily pick a gate that is both aesthetically pleasing and architecturally appropriate to the overarching style of your home.

Your Gate’s Color

One of the very first thing people will notice when they pass by your home is the gate’s color, along with the design and material used for your gates. To effectively increase the overall appeal of your home, color is one of the most crucial things. It can basically reflect the look and feel of your home, as well as your personality being the owner.

Fortunately, aluminum driveway gates are available for sale, which you can simply customize based on the style and color you want.

Remember, your gate system is more than just a physical barrier to your property. In fact, it is also a good reflection of your personality and aesthetic sense. Therefore, to give a good and lasting impression to your guests, choose a gate or fence that will perfectly meet these needs.

Is Your SEO Updated? Signs That Your Strategy Doesn’t Work Anymore

SEO Strategy

SEO StrategySEO is one of those ever-changing components and grey areas in today’s online marketing industry. It takes time and effort to rank in Google; an endeavour that digital marketers know very well. On the other end, it wouldn’t be a smart move to trick Google’s algorithms.

It’s hard to find the balance. How do you know if you are doing well in the search landscape? Below are three signs that you’re falling behind the digital game and using SEO strategies that don’t work anymore:

Traffic Drop

Site traffic naturally goes up and down at times, but a sudden drop can mean something worse. This may indicate that Google has penalized your site. To know the actual reason for the sudden drop, create a landing page report—this contains your overall traffic volume and search impressions. If there’s no change in search visibility, the traffic drop might not be related to SEO. You may need to look back at your recent SEO changes to know why the low traffic.

Low Ranking for Long-tail Keywords

If unique keywords and long-tail search terms don’t work, you may be experiencing some technical problems in your site. SEO companies in Sydney conduct a site audit as soon as this happens. You need expert help for this because the process involves complicated methodologies. If the cause is still unclear after auditing, you may be dealing with a penalty from Google.

Low Engagement

Not being mobile-friendly, slow load times and a hard-to-navigate web design are common causes of low engagement. Users have a short attention span; they can simply decide to close your website and look for another one. These factors can negatively affect your performance in search engines. Improve your engagement metrics by focusing on a strong audience experience.

There’s no quick solution when it comes to SEO. You have to work for it to see results that matter to your business. As long as you have a strong strategy, you can better reinforce your search efforts.

Hard Water and How It’s Affecting Your Household

Hard Water

Hard WaterThe effects of hard water, while rarely health-related, can still have a huge impact on your household. The clothes you wear and the fabrics you use, the appliances you operate on a daily basis, and even the pipes and drainage system can all be affected by the hardness of the your water supply.

It is thus crucial to learn of the benefits of using soft water. This is going to help you realize the value of investing in a reliable water softener. Park City has several suppliers of this appliance.

Here are some of the effects of continued use of hard water.

On Clothes and Fabrics

Washing clothes and fabrics in hard water can lead to the appearance of gray stains. In addition, their texture also suffers, as the minerals in the water can make them itchy and scratchy. They also tend to look old and dingy.

And since hard water renders detergent soaps less effective, it may mean that your freshly washed clothes and fabrics are still dirty and soiled.

On Appliances

Household appliances that use water, such as your water heater, washing machine, and shower, may also show signs of deterioration after a while. The dissolved minerals in the water may accumulate in these devices. Aside from a decreased efficiency, these scale build-up can also make them ineffective, thus requiring repairs.

On Pipes and Drainages

Many consumers are not aware of how hard water can cause clogging in pipes and drainages. The reality is that it does, and if left unresolved, can lead to water back-ups, burst pipes, and ultimately, costly water damage repairs.

As you can see, hard water can be quite a nuisance and an expensive household problem. So before you have to deal with these issues, install a water softener as soon as possible.

Why You Should Buy Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables in Melbourne


FruitsWhy should you buy wholesale fruit and veg in Melbourne? With the accessible store and groceries that offer fresh fruits and vegetables, it can be quite a wonder why people would choose to buy their fruits and vegetables in bulk.

The truth is that when you buy wholesale fruit and veg in Melbourne, explains that you are not only saving money, but you are also guaranteeing the freshness and safety of the fruits and vegetables that you consume.

Here are the reasons to buy your produce in bulk:

You can be Certain of Its Freshness

Many distinctive factors will show you the freshness of fruits and vegetables. When you go to the grocery, it will seem like you are buying the freshest fruits and vegetables on the counters.

However, light and misting have a great effect in the seeming freshness of produce. When you buy in bulk, you are sure that you are buying them fresh, because they come directly from the plantations and farms, and delivered straight to you.

Lower Prices

One of the ways to get the best deals for fruits is to buy them in bulk. When you buy them apiece or by the pound, you will find them more expensive. This is because stores and groceries make profit by buying their produce in bulk and marking up their prices. You will be surprised at how cheap these greens and fruits actually are.

Just think about it, when you buy from groceries and markets, you are not only paying for the costs of the vegetables, you are also paying for their space, their electricity bill, their employees as well as their price tags.

The next time you try to buy your produce, compare and contrast the prices. You will see why you should definitely start buying wholesale – and save in the process.