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Weight Management: What Do Hormones Have to Do with It?

January 27, 2015

Losing weight is more than just counting the calories or having the willpower. Scientists say that there’s a link between your weight and your hormones, too. What Hormones Do You’ve probably experienced it before: the […]


We Are Legion: The Health Risks of Legionella

January 22, 2015

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning and heating appliances in your home not only prolongs the life of the unit, but ensures that the unit functions more effectively as well. In addition, it also keeps […]

Health and Fitness

Weight Loss Efforts Failure: Blame it on Your Kitchen

January 16, 2015

In an episode of National Geographic’s Crowd Control, behavior expert Daniel Pink shared a social experiment on controlling appetites in a buffet restaurant. He changed the scenery in the eating area, switched the color of […]

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Factors That Affect Roofing

January 15, 2015

Homes are just enclosures without a roof. It is important that a home must have good roofing to keep the elements out and protects its inhabitants. These days there are numerous designs and materials used […]

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Cherry-Picking Cherry Pickers

January 15, 2015

Before you start planning or working on your next cleaning or construction project, the first thing to do is to take stock of all the equipment and tools. There are hard to reach areas like […]

Air Conditioner Maintenance
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Air Conditioner Maintenance – a DIY Guide

January 9, 2015

Long summer days can be hard on people staying indoors without a cooling system. And if they do have a cooling system, then hot days can be hard on the system itself. It is important, […]

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Crash Me Not: Three Ways to Avoid Car Crashes

January 8, 2015

With wide roads and more than enough signs for guidance, Aussie drivers can expect to be informed whenever out on the road. Recent statistics, however, paints a picture many Australians are not aware of. In […]

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Granny Flats: Smaller Doesn’t Mean Easier

January 7, 2015

The design industry has more than its fair share of critics, mainly because of the subjective nature of their work. Many people feel that anyone can become a designer. Whilst design, especially interior design, isn’t […]